I woke to pouring rain this morning. Heavy!

The talk of the town yesterday was today’s weather. A cold spell was going to hit Key West today! The first of the season.

Every one was happy. Cool weather is always welcome here in Key West.

Yes, the high today will be 88. Imagine. That is a cold spell! 88 is lower than the low or mid 90s, so I guess it is cooler.

The real impact of this cold spell will be the absence of humidity. Significant.

I will dress the same today as yesterday and the day before and the day before that day. Shorts and a tee shirt. The rain will not be a factor. It will stop before I finish this blog. It will be a typical Key West day. Sunny. And only the locals will know we are experiencing a cold spell!

I lunched at Blossoms yesterday. Blossoms is the former Paradise Cafe at a new location. Cuban toast with melted cheese and tomato. Always the same meal. Read the news papers.

Then to Lisa’s. Lisa stayed home from work yesterday. Little Ally was sick. A temperature, sore throat and cough. She had taken a 2 hour nap before I arrived. Always the sign of illness in a child.

Other than being a bit quiet, she seemed OK. She was playing checkers on the living room floor with her mother. I am amazed that at 4 she can play and understand checkers. Why not! Ally can play chess also! Great school that Montessori.

Ally finally got hungry in the middle of the afternoon. A good sign! She wanted macaroni and cheese. Lisa made it. I ate it with Ally. It was good!

Last night I had a quiet dinner alone at the bar at Hogfish. Not too many people. Read the local papers and chatted with the barmaids.

It has stopped raining. The sun is coming out.

And now for a most important piece of information. Today is Lisa’s 45th birthday! Happy Birthday Lisa! I love you!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Dad, I love you too! I just want to share with all of you that my dad has taught me so much and I am so thankful to have him in my life. Along time ago he said to me…"I know no other way to be, I only know I must be me"… Thanks dad for making me who I am today! Lisa

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