I feel hung over this morning.

I had not been out in a couple of nights. So I did not drink. Last night I did go out. Only had 3 drinks over the course of the evening. But feel like it was much more!

I guess it is easy to get out of practice.

Yesterday was another beautiful Key West day. Sun all day. And for some reason, the humidity was low. A relief!

Lunched at the Yacht Club. Met an interesting guy. Doug is his name. His former business up north involved run ins with the EPA. I am a retired enviromental attorney who represented persons such as himself and his company before the EPA. We had an interesting talk.

Then to Borders.

One of the problems with my form of reading is that sometimes the book I have been reading sells out. Then I am left hanging. This happened yesterday. I had been reading over the past week 90 Minutes in Heaven. The story of a man who was dead for 90 minutes and then returned to life. Fortunately, I got through the Heaven part. I was in his life anew when the book was taken from me.

My old friend Ann called. She was in Key West. I told her to meet me at my home.

We had another interesting chat. Ann was a reporter in the 1960s in Utica. She brought me 4 books on Utica that she had acquired while there.

One of the books was about Mom and Pop grocery stores in Utica of old. The time frame is late 1800s to mid 1950s.

Diversity is with us always in this country. Then it was Germans, Italians, Syrians and Poles. Many started a small grocery store. A loaf of bread and pound of bologna variety. What I found most interesting were the names of those persons. Switch to the present and they represent the business and professional community of Utica. The corner grocery gave birth to today’s doctors, lawyers and industrialists.

The American dream fulfilled.

So too will it be in Key West 50 to 100 years from now. The new and diversified ethnic peoples settling here will give birth to Key West’s leaders of tomorrow.

It was Marty, Captain Peter and Sean at the Chart Room last night. I was advised that Friday night’s pajama party was a success. About 40 people. Not that many in pajamas, however.

This Friday a half shirt, whatever that is, party is scheduled.

Marty and I had dinner at the bar at Hot Tin Roof.

Valerie was back. Valerie is one of the two bartenders. A very lovely person, inside and out. Also a diver. She is married to Clayton who formerly bartended at Antonia’s and now is bar manager at Bagatelle’s.

Valerie and Clayton just returned from a vacation in Hondouras. They were turned on big tme by the place. Homes still reasonably priced. Valerie says every one sees water. Homes are not only built on the open water, but also on the top of mountains.

Message to Jean Thornton: Get back here! You are missed! Your name came up last night both at the Chart Room and Hot Tin Roof. In fact, someone has put up a calendar in the Chart Room of the days left till your return. The days are being marked off.

Have a nice day!

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  1. Lou, My grandfather had a grocery store on Albany st. in Utica Ny. in the 1930's before his death. If you get a chance e/mail me the name of the book your friend got you.
    Enjoy life I say

  2. Hi Louis,
    I read your blog every morning before even reading the paper! Thanks for the kind words – I'll be back in 6 more days. I can't wait to see you all!!
    I really hope Valerie and Clayton don't move to Honduras. I know they've considered moving out of the country and it would be a great loss if they did!
    Take care and I'll see you soon!

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