Yesterday was Wednesday. Wednesday is golf. I did not play!


I missed playing. Sometimes things of a more important nature take precedence.

I did have time for lunch, however. Hogfish! The restaurant, that is. Where I did have a hogfish sandwich.

A week from Saturday, Hogfish is celebrating its seventh anniversary under Bobby’s ownership. A party is planned! And entertainment will be provided by my good friend Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24. Should be a big night!

I painted yesterday afternoon. I am making progress. I am improving. Nothing spectacular. Just the outdoors as I see it. I have to add the…as I see it…qualification. My paintings when finished do not quite look as things appear.

I am trying to adopt the Jack Baron dot approach. The only trouble is he did it better! Much better!

The Chart Room was quiet last night. Just Marty and a friend. As I was driving to the Chart Room over Front Street, I saw Captain Peter whipping by on a bicycle in the opposite direction. There was strong breeze. Peter had one hand on the handlebars and the other holding tightly onto his straw hat. I blew my horn. Peter did not know what to do. He could neither let go of the handlerbar or hat. So he just smiled broadly as I went by.

We had dinner at the bar at Michael’s. Good food, as usual. And a good crowd for a Wednesday in September.

There is a new radio station in Key West. Well, relatively new. Several months old.

It is Konk 1680 am.

The station is picking up speed as it moves forward. It is becoming the talk of the town. Especially its talk shows which cover a multitude of life issues.

Listen to 1680 am. You will find it interesting.

Enjoy your day!

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