Good morning!

I am up a bit later than usual. The sun is out already giving everything a gold tint. Another beautiful Key West day in the making!

Every day tasks sometimes take control. I needed groceries yesterday morning and also had to make a stop at the drug store.

I never grocery shopped in my other life. I missed something. It is fun! For me, at least. I enjoy pushing the cart around. I enjoy seeing neighbors and friends. And sometimes making new friends.

Lunch and the papers at the Yacht Club afterwards.

Then to Borders for about 3 hours. My no cost library.

I have been swinging between 2 books recently. One on Lincoln. The other Hitler. An extreme combination.

I chose the Lincoln book for a particular reason. We have available to us many Lincoln biographies. However most on the shelves today were and are being written by authors who were born long after Lincoln died. Remember, Lincoln has been dead more than 150 years.

I came across a book entitled On Becoming Abraham Lincoln. The author is John T. Morse, Jr. The Lincoln biography was written in 1893, roughly 28 years after Lincoln was assasinated. Morse was born in 1840 and died in 1937.

Ergo, Morse was alive and experienced Lincoln’s Presidency as we do Obama’s today and Bush and Clinton’s yesterday.

I thought it might be a different experience to read the words of a man who actually lived during the life of the person he wrote about.

I was correct!

Lincoln described by a man who was there!

The grammar is different from today’s. It is a bit more cumbersome, heavy. Long sentences. Big words.

The writing is dramatic, however. You can feel Lincoln on every page.

Lincoln is quoted repeatedly. And interestingly!

Those of us born to humble background might say that we came from poor stock. Lincoln…”My parents were both born in Virginia, of undistinguished families.”

When Lincoln was schooling in his teen years, he wrote on a piece of school paper…”Abraham Lincoln/his hand and pen/he will be good but/god knows When.” How prophetic! By the way, the grammar is Lincoln’s, including the non capitalized “god” and the capitalized “When.”

More about the Lincoln book another day.

Last night was a scheduled pajama party at the Chart Room. It was scheduled for 9. I arrived early and left by 7:30. I would have enjoyed attending. But I have no pajamas!

Only joking. You could attend without pajamas.

Marty, Frank and Larry were there during my time. We drank and solved the island’s problems. Then Marty and I left for dinner.

Shiela was leaving as I arrived. She was going onto Duval to look at the motorcyles. Duval was closed off, except to bikers. There are approximately 10,000 bikes in town this weekend. Some as expensive as the cost of a home!

Marty and I went over to La trattoria for dinner. No room at the inn! The place was packed!

We did not want to wait so we opted for Square One.

Square One was fun last night. I am glad we ended up there.

Patrick was not bartending. He is in Iowa this weekend. With his partner of 20 plus years, Les. They are getting married! Iowa apparently recognizes gay marriage. Congratulations Patrick and Les! We all love you!

Reggie was there last night. He has been a Key Wester since around 1970. Reggie plays Santa Claus every Christmas for my grandkids. And many other grandkids in Key West.

Reggie looks like Santa Claus. Portly. Round face. Rosy cheeks. And his own white beard! Tie this with a happy disposition and you have Santa Claus!

I learned something I did not previously know about Reggie last night. My grandchildren have a Santa Claus with a distinuished academic background. Reggie attended Choate and Yale!

The meal was outstanding. Business good.

Michael Stewart is the charming host and owner of Square One. This month the restaurant is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Michael is to be commended. He has established Square One as a premier Key West eating place.

It was early. I was tired. So I left. And was home in bed before 10.

Enjoy your day!

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