Yesterday was a mix.

My first task was to get my debit card back. You will recall the ATM machine at Bank of America had swallowed it Friday evening.

I went to the bank. Sat quietly for 20 minutes waiting to talk to an officer. I explained my plight to her. Could I have my card back? No. The bank did not have it. Why? The bank does not operate the ATM machine. Who does? Brinks. And Brinks automatically destroys all cards so ingested.

Ok. So give me another card. A replacement card. Cannot do. You have to call the Customer Service number on the back of your card. But I do not have the card, so I do not have the number.

She gave me the number.

I called. Never spoke with a real person. It was one of those computerized responses, press 1 or 2 things. It will take a week for me to receive the replacement card.

Why is everything so complex? What happened to simplicity?

Then I went for a walk. I needed the exercise. Did Duval Street from the Atlantic to the Gulf and then back again.

On the return trip, I stopped at the Coffee House on Duval. I ended up spending 2 hours there. Leafed through the Key West Citizen, New York Daily News and New York Times. And drank 2 cups of chocolate mocha, thereby waiving any benefit from the healthy walk taken. The mocha was good! It was worth it!

Lunch was at home. I made a sandwich and sat outside at the tiki hut bar in the shade. A slight breeze. Quiet and comfortable. Placed me in a contemplative mood.

It was soccer time at 5! Robert was playing. He looked good!

The soccer takes place behind the grammar school on Stock Island. Hot! No shade! No breeze!

I respect the parents who sit there for 2 hours watching their young ones. I exercised my grandfather rights last night. I left after 20 minutes.

It was off to the Chart Room!

Marty, Captain Peter and Mark were holding the bar down when I arrived.

Don and Chris Teich came in. A nice couple. First time we met. They came looking for Key West Lou. They were staying at the other end of the island at the Casa Marina.

Don and Chris are from Fulton, New York. Fulton is outside Syracuse and just a stone’s throw from Oswego. Don has a big job with a manufacturing plant there.

Don and Chris visit Key West 3 times a year. They love it here! I suspect that some day they will end up buying.

Don said he and Chris said were sitting on the beach early Saturday afternoon. Chris had her computer with her. She was concerned my blog was not yet up. Was I alive, dead or what? I did not have to explain. She had become aware of the computer problem I experienced over the weekend.

They are staying a few more days. I hope they run into Gary and Tescia from Oswego.

The best part of all this is that Don and Chris are Syracuse fans! We talked a bit of football last night.

Marty, Captain Peter and I left for dinner at the Hot Tin Roof. When we got there, the place was closed. Floors were being redone. Marty suggested the bar Berlins at the A&B Lobster House. I have not been there in 15 years. So off we went!

On the way, we ran into our reporter friend Sean. He joined us.

The food at Berlins was a winner! Big time! I had a Maine lobster, snails and pastry appetizer covered with a wonderfull sauce. To die for! Just enough. I ordered nothing else.

The movie star Patrick Swayze died yesterday. A loss. May he rest in peace.

Two of his movies are in the forefront of my mind. Dirty Dancing and Ghost. I especially enjoyed Ghost. Sensitive and emotional.

And that famous line…”Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” No one will.

Enjoy your day!

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