It is just after 4 in the morning. The night has been long. I have not been able to sleep well.

Such is life…..

Yesterday was a good day. It was Sunday.

I was up early. Drove over to Lisa’s. Had breakfast with the family.

Robert and Ally were painting. They paint well. Especially for young kids. Both have been painting for a couple of years. Proteges in the making!

Robert is learning to play the guitar. At 5! I am impressed! He is at the beginning. He knows his notes. He played each one for me and identified each as he played them.

I stayed a couple of hours and read the Sunday papers.

It was the start of Sunday professional football. So it was Don’s Place to watch the games in the afternoon. He has TV sets all over the place, inside and out. I sat behind the outside bar with a group. There were 5 TVs with 5 different games going on at the same time. The TV sets were lined up right next to each other.

Not confusing at all.

I was interested in the Philadelphia/Carolina game. So I basically stayed focused on that set.

I am a Syracuse University grad. Donovan McNabb is a Syracuse grad. So I am a follower of his exploits and those of Philadelphia.

I was sitting next to Larry Smith who also is a Philly freak watching the game. He was in an arm sling. His shoulder replacement is coming along well. He thinks he will be back playing piano at the Wine Galley in a week or two. Golf is another story, however. It may be months.

What a game! When I left, Philadelphia was winning 34-10.

They either have a great defensive team or were exceptionally lucky yesterday. Several interceptions, sackings, etc.

There is always next week and the weeks after which will tell.

I went home to watch the last hour of the golf tournament. Tiger won big. A talent! What more can be said.

I had dinner with friends last night at the Yacht Club. Talked with Bob Burton for a while. My old friend. I see him seldom. He and Jack Baron were partnered for 52 years. Impressive.

And then home to an early bed.

Have a good day!

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