I started yesterday with a haircut. Lori. My lovely barber.

Even haircuts are better in Key West!

Then it was over to the Yacht Club for lunch. The bar was crowded. Every one was eating there yesterday. Took my time. Chatted a bit. Read the papers.

Lisa had some major dental work yesterday. A complex root canal. She telephoned as I was finishing lunch. She was home and hurting.

So I went over and sat with her for a couple of hours. Father/daughter time. A good thing!

The Chart Room was fun at cocktail time. At 6:30. Marty, Che, Captain Peter, Gary and Tescia. A little later Boomer showed up. I generally run into Boomer at Don’s Place and bocci. First time at the Chart Room.

Antonia’s recently remodeled. Marty and I opted to have dinner at Antonia’s and view the result. Magnificent! Owners Christopher and Patrick did well. The remodeling amounts to just a bit more than an updating. The place was a winner before and I am glad they did not make any major changes. If it works, leave it alone!

It was also good to see Tiffany and Jill again. Both charming ladies!

Poker Run is this weekend. The bikers are coming!

This is an annual Key West event. About 10,000 bikers and their companions will come roaring in on Friday. And roar out on Sunday and Monday.

And roar they do! Can you imagine all the noise they make. The interesting thing is most Key Westers do not mind.

Poker Run is sponsored each year by the Rotary. Yes, the Rotary. A seemingly strange combination. But it works and has worked. The Rotary will take in somewhere between $80,000 and $100,000. That money is donated to charity. This year the Diabetes Research Institute and to fund local scholarships.

In addition, the bikers are genrally affluent persons in disguise. Doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs. They spend a lot of money whooping it up. The local merchants benefit big time.

The tide is a bit high this morning. It will get higher before the day is over.

One of the headlines in yesterday’s Key West Citizen was “Lunar Pull to Flood Streets.” There is some sort of lunar convergence that will make some of the Key West streets difficult to navigate. We are in a new moon phase at a time when the moon is closet to the earth. The closeness of the moon increases the gravitational pull.

The water runs higher. The storm sewers cannot handle the increased flow. The streets flood.

And if it rains, the situation is even worse. It is overcast and thundering now! It will be raining.

Wendy Grom is a local Key Wester. I have never met her. However I feel like I know her well. She writes on Facebook. I read her comments every day.

A few days a week she shares an interesting greeting…..Happy Humping! This woman has her head screwed on properly!

I wish you the same. And if the day does not provide such good fortune, enjoy it otherwise!

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