I am back to normal regarding my computer. When I retuned home yesterday afternoon, it was up and running. Only took AT&T 24 hours!

Whatever, I am thrilled! I was lost without it! How dependent we become!

I had an early lunch at the Pier House yesterday. Eggs benedict. Ate out on the deck and read the newspapers.

A water spout appeared to the west. All of a sudden! A tall whirling spiral.

Everyone got excited.

I have seen them before. Larger and up close. I am always fascinated by these giants of nature.

The one yesterday came and went. It was not hovering that long nor did it come close to shore.

Threatening rain was the weather specialty yesterday. Ominous clouds all day. A few sprinkles here and there.

I spent the afternoon on the living room couch watching golf and college football. My bedroom TV is still on the blink.

Last night I took a quick ride over to Hogfish for dinner. Ate at the bar alone. A good Saturday night crowd.

Today is the beginning of Sunday professional football. That means Don’s Place! Don sets up multiple TV screens inside and out and the whole world watches pro football on Sundays there. Today is the day!

Enjoy your day!

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