Happy Saturday!

No blog yesterday. My computer is still down.

I had my computer guru over to discern the problem. He said it was the AT&T hookup. I telephoned AT&T. The problem was immediately diagnosed over the telephone yesterday morning around 10. They said it was there fault and my service would be up and running within 2 hours.

More than 24 hours later I am still waiting. As soon as I finish this blog at Lisa’s I am returning home to harass AT&T. The only problem is I think they are harassing me!

Lets compound the situation. Yesterday was not a good day over all.

I have 3 TVs in the house. Two are working fine. All of a sudden the one in my bedroom will not give me direct access to a picture, except for a sign telling me the picture will be up and running in a minute.

I called Comcast. No problem. Their problem.I was assured it would be remedied forthwith.

Twenty four hours later and I still do not have television in my bedroom.

The best is yet to come.

I was out of cash. I use Bank of America. It was after 5. I went to Bank of America on Flagler to use the ATM machine.

There were several people in line ahead of me. They put in their cards and got their money. Now it was my turn.

I put my card in. The screen came up a different color than normal. And the message was that the machine was out of money and I would have to go to Bank of America on Southard to make a withdrawal.

No problem.

But there was.

The machine swallowed my card. It went in, but never came out. No matter what button I punched.

The bank was closed. It is closed this morning. I have to wait till Monday to get the card back.

The card swallowing did it for me. No computer, no bedroom TV and now no debit card. What a way to live!

I stuck my friend Marty with drinks and dinner last night.

Thursday was bocci! We won 1, lost 2.

We still have not returned to days of glory. The team was winning the first game 10-2. We lost 16-12. Same thing in the second game. A big lead and then we lost 16-13. We finally looked good in the third game. Killed the opposition by a big number!

Our problem is simple. It is not that we are not good. The problem is we lack the killer instinct. We get a lead and then figure we can slide to victory. Not the way to do it! We must learn to maintain the intensity!

Key West is full of women! Womensfest! I was at the Keys Piano Bar last night. They overwhelmed the place!

I have a soccer parade to attend this afternoon. Robert and Ally will be marching with their teams and all dressed in their soccer uniforms. Exciting for them! Exciting for me!

Enjoy your day!

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