My computer is still down. I am at Lisa’s writing my blog again today.

Someone is supposed to come to my home to fix the computer today. I can’t wait. Terrible living without accessibility to one’s primary communication tool. It’s living alone!

Key West is into Womensfest. An annual meeting of lesbians from all over the world. A big deal!

Yesterday two movie stars of days gone by were in town. They are here for Womensfest.

Kelly McGillis of Top Gun fame. She is also a former owner of 3 restaurants in Key West.

Remember Cagney and Lacey from 1980s television? Two female cops. One of the stars was Sharon Gless. She is in Key West for the event also.

Speaking of events, I had a big one to attend last night before going out on the town. My son in law Corey has been the Director of Archeology at the Mel Fisher Museum for over 25 years. A good guy! A real good guy!

Down on the water near Turtle Krall is an old small wooden building which once housed a turtle factory. Turtle meat was considered good eating and popular at one time. The Museum recently took over the building and have been working hard on turning it into a Turtle Museum.

The responsibility for so doing and the responsibility to oversee it now that it is open is Corey’s.

And a good job he did!

Last night was the grand opening. Everyone was there. The place was packed.

It is another Key West winner.

Good job, son in law!

Robert and Ally were there with Lisa. They are 5 and 4 respectively. Robert was all over the place playing and enjoying. Ally on the other hand was fearful of the crowd. She held tightly onto Lisa’s hand all night with down cast eyes. Interesting. You would not know it the way Ally runs around the house and talks non stop. I felt sorry for her. She found her surroundings last night intimidating.

Afterwards, I went over to the Chart Room. I was late. I figured the place would be packed. It was empty!

Finally Marty showed up. Then Captain Peter. And then all of a sudden the place was packed!

Marty and I had dinner at the bar at La Trattoria. If it were not for Womenfest, the place would have been empty.

Fortunately Beecha was working. I got my usual hug and kiss.

Met a nice guy at the bar. His name is Larry. He is a retired fireman from Dallas. Has only been in Key West for 4 days. He has retired to Key West. His son teaches physics at the Key West high school.

We bought him a drink and told him about the Chart Room. I suspect he will be there this evening.

I caught President Obama’s address to Congress on a rerun in the middle of the night. He will get us to some sort of universal health care. I was bothered by the Congressman who shouted out during the President’s speech and accused the President of lying.

Where has civility and respect for position gone in our society. This type conduct is sick and appears to be a growing illness today. It is ok to disagree, to argue. But do it with propriety.

I just got a telephone call. My haircut appointment was for 10 this morning. I missed it. I forgot. Next Tuesday now. Too many mundane things on my mind.

Enjoy your day!

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