I am late writing the blog today. It is almost 3 in the afternoon.

My computer will not turn on at home. So I am at Lisa’s doing it now on her computer.

I am confused as to why my computer will not turn on. The telephone hook up bill is paid. Perhaps the storm yesterday did something to it.

Living without a computer is extremely difficult. The ability to communicate is as vital today as the need for food, clothing and shelter. I am lost without my computer!

Anyhow…..I already played golf today. With Don, Kurt and Yankee Jack. I started well. Played the first 6 or 7 holes quite good for me. Then I lost it! I even whiffed 3 times during the balance of the round.

The dabacle cost me only $14 fortunately. Don was the big winner.

Yesterday was very pleasant.

I had lunch with an old friend that I have not seen in a couple of years.

I first met Ann back in the early 1960s when she was a reporter for the Utica newspapers. Then she moved away to Boston and other points.

About 10 years ago, she and her husband purchased a home in Big Pine. Every one or two years we renew our acquaintance. That is what we did yesterday.

We had a 3 hour lunch at the Pier House. Got caught up to date with each other’s lives. Illness becomes a significant part of the conversation as two people mature.

It was good to see Ann and I hope it is not another 2 years before we do it again.

Marty is back! I thought he had deserted me permanently! I was beginning to develop withdrawal pains due to his absence.

We met at the Chart Room. Che and Captain Peter were there also.

You will recall that several months ago Che took a bar knife and stabbed the air filled moose that was hanging on the wall in the Chart Room. Che considers himself the guardian of the Chart Room and its history. A plastic moose did not belong!

Last night Che was all excited. There were now deer antlers hanging on the wall where the plastic air filled moose used to be. Che had hung the antlers. His brother had shipped them down to him to replace the moose.

The antlers are not too big. Rather small, in fact. I questioned whether they were for real or made from wood. Che became quite irritated with me. They are for real!

Kathleen Peace will have the final word as to whether the antlers remain. Kathleen is the Food and Beverage Director at the Pier House where the Chart Room is located. It was her air filled plastic moose that Che did in.

We shall see what position Kathleen takes. I suspect she will permit the antlers to remain.

I had dinner at the bar at Hot Tin Roof afterwards. Che stopped in for a moment. Marty and Captain Peter ate there also.

I met a charming woman by the name of Iris who also had dinner at the bar. We chatted a bit. Her father is Armando Sosa. Now 84 years old. He is well known in Key West as a violinist. Still performs on occasion. May you continue performing for a long while Mr. Sosa!

Valerie was bartending. Lovely and personable. I discovered last night she is a very proficient diver. Recently she has been diving off Buffalo in Lake Erie. Some sunken vessel there is of importance.

It is strange the things you find out about people. I look forward to hearing more of Valerie’s diving experiences the next time I am at the Hot Tin Roof.

Enough for now. I have to go home and try to figure out why the computer is not working. What a pain!

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  1. nice article lou dinner was nice at the hot tin roof will have to do it again sometime I will be reading your blog everyday
    la cubanita

  2. Hi Louis-
    I heard about the antlers last night. How I wish I had been there! Sheila said they looked like they belonged to a key deer but don't say that in front of Che. 🙂 I took Valerie on her first Atocha dive. She's one of my dearest friends – such a sweet person.
    I hope you get your computer problem fixed.
    Take care and I look forward to seeing you soon. 19 days and counting….

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