Yesterday was Labor Day. Corey had to work all day. Lisa in the morning. So I got to babysit!

I am beginning to think Robert and Ally babysit me. Lisa has them trained.

It all worked out. We watched a video of when they were small. Like 2 and 1. Still in diapers. Running around and playing.

And, of course, they both kept reminding me this was when they were small. They are 5 and 4 now.

We played a bit. Don’t ask me what. Crazy games. Mostly things they make up. Such imaginations! I go with the flow.

My afternoon was spent glued to the TV and golf. A great finish! Any one of several pros could have won. Congrats to Steve Stricker. And look what Tiger did! Shot a 63 and was only 4 behind at the end.

I had a major decsion to make last night. Shave or not shave before I went out. It had been 4 days. I was starting to look a bit grimy.

The negative side of me won out. I did not shave!

My evening started at the Chart Room. Got to share a few words with Captain Peter. He is looking well. His illness is apparently behind him.

My friends Gary and Tecia from Oswego, NY were at the bar also. Good people! They work days over at the Fort Zach beach where they also live in their RV. We talked Syracuse football. It is good to have other Syracuse fanatics down here!

Pat and Jo Ann Linehan are from Geneva, NY. I have message for them. Get yourselves down here!

Pat and Jo Ann are good friends with Gary and Tecia. They visit Key West generally during the season. They have threatened to visit earlier. Perhaps as soon as next week. Apparently the decision is still up in the air. Gary and Tecia want you down here. And I would like to meet you!

Gary and Tecia left. To be replaced by a couple from New Jersey. The Jersey folks visit Key West every year. We chatted for a long time together and with Michael the bartender.

I had planned on going out to dinner. But I had stayed late at the Chart Room. So I headed home instead, stopping at McDonalds to pick up a couple of fish sandwiches.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Well, I guess we should have come when we had the chance last week.. Still thinking about it though and I guess Gary and Tecia would let us throw a couple sleeping bags outside their door for a few days.. We spend a couple months renting in the Shipyard[or at least we did]and have been going to KW for 10 years. I mention that because in all that time we have not found, or even heard of, the Chart Room.. I really have a need to find that place and also to get a hug from my favorite gals like Tecia, Gail, Glenda, Erica, Jeannie. lexie [ I wish Lester and Lorna were still in town, they were both good gals]..
    See Ya, Patrick

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