Labor Day weekend! Party time! Cookouts! Picnics! And whatever!

Lisa, Corey and the grandkids came over for a cookout yesterday. We swam and frolicked. Cooked hot dogs. Turkey ones. On hot dog buns. Whole wheat. Lisa is a fanatic as to what Robert and Ally ingest.

The grankids have improved tremendously with their swimming. Robert can hold his breath and swim along the bottom of the pool for a long period of time. Ally moves around like a fish.

We ate at the bar under the tiki hut. Ally’s nose came just over the bar edge. Cute.

I spent the rest of the afternoon watching golf on TV. Tiger Woods, where are you???

Last night started with the Gardens, of course. What a crowd! Good music! Good people!

Kate Miano owns the Gardens. She has done a magnificent job ressurecting the place. It is one of the outstanding hotels, if not the outstanding hotel, in Key West. With a major financial committtment involved.

Kate was an aroused woman last night! It was as if some one had built a fire under her.

The city of Key West has decided to build a new city hall. There is no question one is needed. This issue is where and how.

Apparently a decision was made this past week to tear down the police station and build the new city hall there. The problem is the police station is directly across the street from the Gardens and its entrance. Kate is concerned with a major fall off in her business during construction.

It is called inverse condemnation. When a municipality does something that adversely affects one’s property.

Kate is serious about fighting this matter. She has already hired two law firms. One from Key West and the other from Tallahasee.

Her arguments make sense. The decision where to build by the City was apparently a swift one. Not uncommon here in Key West. The costs projected have increased over a period of a few days already. Another not uncommon feature of governmental construction. Look at the airport!

These things always have a way of impacting and increasing local taxes. Which are too high already!

There is also the issue of the City buying an already erected empty large building and converting it over into a new city hall. Kate says the City claims there are none. She found 5 in less than a week and brought them to the City’s attention.

Kate is a petite woman. Not in this instance, however. A sleeping giant has been awakened!

Beware City of Key West officials!

Afterwards, I went over to La Trattoria for a bite to eat. A decent crowd. Every one in a festive holiday mood.

Tina and Mike were sitting next to me at the bar. They are from Hartford, Connecticut. Work and live in Hartford, but own a home here in Key West also. On Passover Lane, near the cemetary. Tina is a computer guru with Travelers. Mike is a business consultant. Like many of us who traveled a similar path, I could see they eventually will settle here in Key West full time.

Kathy was bartending. Her last night for about 10 days. She leaves this morning for home (Albany), the Jersey shore and other points north. A family wedding is involved. Kathy, enjoy!

I stopped at La Te Da. Dead! No one! Like 3 at the inside bar and 2 at the outside bar. No reason to stay. So I walked across the street to the Keys Piano Bar.

The Keys had a good crowd. Not great, but enough. And a whoop it up crowd! The vacationers were in a loud party mood last night!

I had one drink and went home.

We are into the rainy season. Yesterday was bright and shiny till I was at the Keys Piano Bar. Then it poured suddenly and big time!

This morning is gray. There is a wind. The black clouds are moving by. I assume they will finally pass and it will be another great Key West day.

Talk with you tomorrow!

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  1. Sorry, Lou, but if you looked you would have noticed that the police station is not across the street from The Gardens. The police station is on Roosevelt, across from Bayview Park. But, you were almost correct: City Hall is across from The Garden. Calm the girl down; you can do it.

  2. Louis, It was a pleasure to meet you last night at dinner. I am sure our paths will cross many times in the future! Your new friends, – Mike and Tina

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