I am writing the blog late this Sunday morning. Very late!

Blame it on last night.

I imbibed too much! More than normal. And stayed up late also! Till one in the morning.

I woke earlier. With a big head! Tried to do the blog. My fingers and the keyboard were not matching up!

But I have finally made it! A couple of aspirins, some food and water and a little more sleep did the trick.

Last night started at the Chart Room. Initially I was the sole customer. It was me and Michael the bartender. Then a couple of people came in who I recognized. They had played pool table bocci at Don’s Place thursday night. We had great conversation regarding the new game. They think it is a winner, also. And believe we will be playing the game in the bocci off season.

The Chart Room involved a couple more drinks than normal. I am laying out last night’s drinking disaster for you.

Then to La Trattoria for dinner. It was busy. The beginning of the Labor Day weekend.

Which meant the food came slow.

Erin kept refilling my drink. I am not blaming her. I could have said no. So I drank a bit more at dinner than normal.

Now it was time for the Keys Piano Bar. Love those Broadway tunes!

The place was packed. Every one was joining in in the singing. Even me.

I was having a good time so I stayed longer than normal. And drank more than normal, of course.

Lovely Kate Miano was at the Keys. What a charming lady! I love it when she hugs and kisses me. So good!

That was last night’s partying that resulted in this morning’s tragedy!

I spent the earlier part of the day home watching college football and golf on TV.

ESPN carried the Minnesota v. Syracuse game. I am a Syracuse graduate. I was excited to be able to watch Syracuse’s first game of the season.

Syracuse lost in over time by a field goal, 23-20. No shame! A well fought game by both sides.

Syracuse football has been on a downward spiral the past several years. Syracuse football has been about as good as my golf game.

We have a new coach this year. Doug Marrone. Apparently he has a handle on the situation. Syracuse was behind 14-3 within the first seven minutes of the game. All I could think was that it was going to be another one of those years.

Then Syracuse came to life! They were leading 20-14 at half time.

Syrancuse has a defense and an offense this year. The team needs some fine tuning. It will win its share of games this year. Though not next week. Syracuse plays Penn State that was preseason rated #3.

I feel so much better now. Four hours ago was not for the living.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. Lou: Seems you write better when you are nursing a hangerover. I couldn't find even one error. So, maybe tonight we will run into each other at LaTeDa and the booze is ON ME. PS. I was getting ready to call you because I thought something was wrong when I didn't see your post this morning, even at 9:30, but I don't know your last name.

  2. PPS. How about meeting me tonight at LaTeDa at about 9:00? It's after Katie's jazz. I will be wearing a yellow lace top and don't ask me what else. I have to go through my closet. I will introduce myself then.

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