Yesterday was another lovely Key West day!

Sun bright all day. Till about 5. Then the clouds started gathering. Things turned black. Flashes of lightning in the sky. Rain time.

I slept late in the morning. Then did a little paper work.

I decided to try the restaurant at the airport for lunch. Its name escapes me. Always did. It is the same restaurant that has been there for over 50 years. The only thing different is that Key West now has a new airport and therefore a new reataurant. Structurally only. Still the same ownership.

I used to stop in occasionally at the old place for eggs benedict. You may have discovered by now that I like eggs benedict. The old restaurant served them all day.

I stopped in at 1. Bought a newspaper and sat down. Ordered eggs benedict. No eggs benedict. Too late. Stop serving them at 11.

That was the same thing that happened to me at the Pier House 2 weeks ago.

So I had a grilled cheese sandwich and enjoyed my paper.

Then to Borders to read. Another World War II book.

Afterwards, I had some errands to run. Groceries and the drug store. I was close to being out of food again.

Last night I intended to go out. I rarely stay in. I got hooked on a movie that took me to eight o’clock. So I said screw it and decided to remain home. Not a bad idea. An early to bed and no drinking night occasionally is wholesome and healthy.

Early to bed and early to rise seems to be correct. I am up early this morning. Around 6. The sun has not even peeked in yet. It is black outside.

Should be another good day weather wise. Enjoy it!

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