A new sports game was invented last night in Key West!

It is called Pool Table Bocci!

Don of Don’s Place and I make claim to the game. We further make claim to a common law copyright and advise of our intent to obtain a patent.

Last night was bocci night. It rained. Big time! The bocci courts were a mess.

Every one ended up at Don’s Place to drink. The place was packed at 6:30. It was like every one was all dressed and had no where to go.

Don’s Place has a pool table.

All of a sudden, it was decided that we should play bocci on the pool table.

Don got a bunch of clothe hand towels and stuffed the pockets. That was so the balls would stay on the table. The white ball became the pollina. The solid balls went to one team and the striped to another.

We were getting ready to play. Needed some basic rules however.

It was decided that the middle pockets would mark the ok line that the pollina had to reach. Hitting the pool table at the far end would not require that the ball be lifted from the game. Everything was hitting the far bumper. There would have been no balls left after a while.

A pool table is marked on its rail with diamonds. This is to help in banking shots when playing pool. It was decided that the player had to be behind the first set of diamonds when rolling. After a while, the rule was changed. It was too uncomfortable to shoot by the first diamond. So the line was extended to the second diamond.

Game became 10 instead of 16. To make sure everyone got a chance to play.

And we were off and running! Playing, that is!

Pool table bocci went over big time! Everyone got involved! I left after 3 hours and they were still going strong.

I do not wish any one to be confused. Pool sticks were not used. You had to roll the ball by hand. This was not pool. It was bocci! In a different format!

It was new. Rules were developed as we played. Rules will continue to be developed as we play further. I am sure we will be playing the game again.

This thing went over so big last night that Don and some of the guys decided that the pockets had to have some sort of wood or plastic pieces made to block the pockets. Cannot play a new big time game with hand towels stuffed in the pockets!

Before the night was out, some one showed up with some long narrow green boards. Measurements were being taken as I left.

Screw ups occurred. One time I used my opponent’s ball to shot instead of my own. In golf I would have lost the hole if I hit some one else’s ball. Here it was the first roll, however. It was finally decided to merely change the balls. More importantly, my foul up was labled a Louis Mulligan by all and will so be known for all time by others who commit the same error.

My tournament golfing team mate Angus played. He was spectacular! Angus is a nice guy! Jovial! I would describe him as a young Santa Claus.

Boomer was good, also. Although he tended to bounce the pollina off the rail itself at the start of his roll. I am sure that type roll will be ruled on at some point.

Don tried to organize things so the teams played together. So I got to play with Jules, Rob, Beebe, Michael, David and Don. I played in 4 games. We won 2 and lost 2. I was happy with the result. I was more happy to see how every one was having a hell of a good time!

I believe Pool Table Bocci is here to stay. As I as driving home, I thought this is a game we can play in the bocci off season. Don can form leagues and away we go! This would make Don happy for another reason. His business would increase on the night of play. A good thing for a good person!

When I went to pay my bar bill, it was only $4. Don said, “Only $4!” Don is a merchant. Has to make money. I understand. But I had a legitimate excuse. Yes, I drank. But last night was one of those nights when peole were buying me drinks.

This Pool Table Bocci is a winner! We have to stay with it!

It is the start of the Labor Day weekend. I have no plans. But I know it will turn out to be a good time.

I hope your weekend is good, also!

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