Good morning!

I finally experienced a good night’s sleep. Though I am up early. It is still black outside.

Yesterday was golf.

It was hot. Humid. Absolutely no breeeze. We were all soaking wet at the end of the first hole.

A good and interesting group played yesterday. Don, David, Aaron and Yankee Jack. Plus me, of course.

The outcome was strange.

David was the big winner score wise. Shot an 88. And he had not played in a while!

Don and Aaron each shot 89. Yankee shot 101.

And Louis, 118. My usual game.

You think it’s easy playing these guys every week! Even with strokes, it’s still tough!

We play for money. I should have been the big loser yesterday. I was not. Lost only $10. Aaron, who shot 89, lost $25. It depends on who your partner is on a particular hole. It further depends on the many side scoring games come into play on each hole. These side games are called “exotics.” They can make one player’s day and ruin another’s.

That is why Aaron’s 89 cost him $25 and my poor 118 only $10.

Even worse, David, who shot the lostest score, broke even dollar wise.

Don was the big dollar winner.

You have to be a CPA to keep score!

The heat was over bearing. The lack of breeze makes for a tough day. I went home and to bed and sleep for the afternoon.

Key West is in its quiet time. Very few visitors. This is an annual thing. Its the heat and families getting the kids back to school.

Duval was dead as I drove down it toward the Pier House last night. And shockingly, I was the only car parked in the Pier House parking lot. A first!

I had a drink with Captain Peter. Then decided to go to Michael’s for dinner.

Inerestingly, Michael’s bar was packed with locals.

Afterwards, I was in the mood to listen to some Broadway singing. So it was off to the Keys Piano Bar.

I was the only customer! Things ARE slow in town!

I had a drink, read the newspapers, chatted with Mark Watson and listened to the piano player.

Business should pick up significantly this weekend. It is the Labor Day holiday. Then Tuesday Womensfest begins thru the following Sunday. Key West will be jam packed with lesbian folk.

After that, Key West will be quiet again till Fantasy Fest the last week in October. Thus it has always been. Thus it probably will always be.

The sun is starting to rise. Heavy clouds though. So everything is gray. A pretty sight!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Womensfest,huh?? Just might have to come down and see the gang at Fort Zach.. I've kinda though I might make a good lesbian..Patrick..

  2. KW Lou
    I've been reading your blog for some time now… And one of the things I've noticed is you seem to like WW II history.
    You also seem to be a good writer.

    I also see you have grandchildren, as do I , would you be interested in volunteering to help on a maritime project for kids that could be a good history experience for young people?


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