The humidity goes on.

Each day more unbearable.

But we survive.

It is part of the weather and gives us all something to talk about.

I spent my morning yesterday doing paper work.

Then it was lunch and the newspapers at the Yacht Club.

The painting bug has bit me. I did not paint again yesterday, but prepared myself to do more. I went back to Ben Franklin’s. The place to purchase art materials in Key West.

I bought a few canvases. Different sizes. All small. I am afraid to attempt anything big yet. My spectacular effort will have to wait.

I also bought some additional brushes. I started this endeavor with only two. Different sizes and configurations are required. The different strokes for different folks thing.

I stopped at Albertson’s. Who do I run into? One of Key West’s most prominent artists. Jim Salem!

Jim is always bugging me to join his art class. Little does he know.

I have not joined the art class because it conflicts with golf. Wednesday mornings. There are priorities in life.

I did not tell Jim I had started painting again. I did tell him I mentioned him in yesterday’s blog and told him to read it. He will thus learn of my reentry into the art world. He will fear me not!

It was late in the afternoon when I returned home. Too late to paint. Instead, I napped. The heat had gotten to me.

Ally started soccer last night. First time she has ever played. I went over to watch her.

Forget the soccer. She is such a lovely young lady! It is obvious at the age of 4 that she will grow into a beauty.

For a first timer, she did well. Ally listens. She has the concept of kicking down. Pays attention to the ball. Directs it towards the goal.

She does not use her strength yet. She kicks the ball like a girl! No disrespect intended ladies. Ally needs to kick hard. She will learn.

The humidity was awful. The soccer field is large and wide open. No trees. No shade. No breeze.

I felt sorry for the kids. And I felt sorry for the parents and grandparents watching!

Plus there were little bugs. Small flies. Called no see mes. But last night you could see them! They were out in mass. In large groups, all over. They were even sticking to my shirt.

I did not last even a half hour. I told Lisa and Corey…..You are the parents! You have to stay! I’m leaving. And off I was!

To the Chart Room. Captain Peter was there. Talked with him and Mark the bartendeder for awhile. Then Sean the reporter showed up and joined us. We covered a multidude of community sins for the next hour.

I felt grimey from my soccer field experience and decided not to go out for dinner. Instead, I stopped at McDonalds on the way home for 2 fish sandwiches and a small bag of fries.

I ate at home at the kitchen counter. The fish sandwiches weren’t bad.

While eating, I read. I am in the process of finishing a book called McMafia by a Misha Glenny. The book was published in 2008. It is my present home reading book. It describes crime cartels world wide. From Brazil and Ecuador to Canada to the Middle East to Russa and the Orient. These crime cartels make the former American Mafia look like kids. Their success also suggests that crime may pay.

Later this morning golf! The humidity will be tough. Hope there is a breeze on occasion.

Do a good deed for some one today!

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  1. Hi Louis,
    I'm excited to hear that you are painting again. I can't wait to see some of your works of art! Please give the Chart Room gang my best and tell them I miss you all very much. Take care and I'll see you soon.

  2. Why not do a big "jasper" one and do an online auction for a scholarship at MC? I bid a cnote. Surely in your mind's eye you can remember the golden dome, or the hostess cupcake. Or the injineers like me dying on the hill up from Fannie Farmers. If nothing else, a good laugh?

  3. Glad to read that you are painting again. The Keys is certainly a warmer, more welcoming place to set up an easel that upstate NY. Go for it Lou.

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