Years ago I used to paint.

Not houses. On canvas.

The early 1960s.

I took lessons for 2 years one evening per week.

I painted for 3-4 years. Generally, every evening after returning home from the court room. I would leave work tense. Very tense. Painting used to relax me. I became absorbed in what I was doing.

Then my law practice became too busy for me to continue painting. There was not the time. So I put the paints and canvases away and became a collector.

Yesterday I painted again. The first time in 50 years!

Lisa gave me some canvas, paints and an easel two years ago as a Christmas gift. The items have been sitting on my bedroom floor in a corner waiting for me to get interested.

I finally did yesterday. Why, I am not sure. But I knew it was time.

The easel was a problem. I had to put it together. After an hour, I gave up. Forget the easel!

I was starting well.

I decided to paint outside on the bar under the tiki hut. This placed me in the shade and on the water.

It was humid.

I did 2 small paintings. Used acrylics. Did one of a palm tree, water, sun and sky. The other a sign for my friend Howard Livingston’s Mile Marker 24. The sign in a reddish orange. The background in Jack Baron type blue and gold dots.

I think I painted better 50 years ago. I was initially disappointed in the result of my efforts. Then I remembered that that was the way I painted 50 years ago!

A person paints what they see, as they see it. We do not all see things the same way. That is what sometimes makes art viewing interesting. What was the artist painting? What did the artist intend to reflect?

I never painted precisely like a photograph. Nor did I yesterday. I paint what I call sort of. It sort of looks this way.

The real reason I paint in that fashion is that I am not good enough to paint with precision. A Rembrandt or Jim Salem I am not.

On the other hand, the Metroploitan Museum of Art is full of sort of paintings like mine.

When I finished, my tee shirt was soaking wet. I had become absorbed in my work just as painting had affected me 50 years ago. I was tired. But felt good. Relaxed.

That was my morning.

I lunched at Hogfish and read the newspapers. Ate hogfish. What else! So good!

Then I went to Ben Franklin’s. A department store. Sells artsy stuff. Like paints, canvases, frames and the like. I spent an hour wandering around. Bought nothing. But got a lot of ideas.

I guess I am back into painting. As poor as my work may be.

Last night was a big time! Soccer season started!

Grandson Robert was playing.

Hot! Humid! No breeze!

The kids play for 1 1/2 hours. I lasted a mere half hour. I could not take the humidity. Plus, no shade. Just a huge open field.

Robert played well. Better than last year. He is excited! So are his parents and me!

Ally could care less. She was over at the playground on the slide with some other girls. Tonight will be different for her, however. She plays! First time! I will be there.

I hit the Chart Room. Still sweating from the soccer experience. Had a drink with my friend Captain Peter.

His ankle has finally healed. The swelling is down. He had the gout. The doctor gave him the right medicine, but had him take it at the wrong time as I understand it. Screwed Peter up big time. His ankle swelled, his blood pressure dropped radically. Peter was out of sorts for about a week.

Then to La Trattoria for dinner at the bar. Kathy bartending. Love Kathy!

As I left, I ran into Beecha on Duval. After a hug and kiss, she told me it was her night off and she was returning from bingo at the Green Parrot.


Is bingo returning? Or has it been here all these years?

My new found friends Gary and Tecia play Sundays at 801.

All three tell me it is fun! They enjoy it!

Is bingo next on my agenda? No, I think not. On the other hand, you never know.

Have a good day!

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  1. Bocci, golf, partying, eating, drinking, babysitting, hugging, kissing, reading, walking and now, believe it or not, PAINTING!!! Lou, you have so much energy. How do you fit all that in in a week?

  2. Bingo !!?? Sunday Bingo at the 801 with Gary,Tecia, Mario, Gail, Chris and the gang is a good time.. RV does a good job !! It ain't your regular sunday school bingo !! Patrick and JoAnn.

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