A sad time yesterday. I watched Senator Kennedy’s church service on TV. Very emotional!

Two things especially moved me. His sons and wife Vickie.

Both sons spoke of their father. With a warm and respectful eloquence. Sometimes humorous, sometimes tearful.

Vicky’s appearance and demeanor spoke to every one without any words being uttered. She manifested a supportive dignity. The Senator was lucky to have had her in his latter years.

A week of sadness is behind us. Life moves on.

Last night was party time! And party we did!

The Yacht Club had a lobster fest. So I invited some friends to join me.

Don and Stephanie. Rob and Beebe. David and Karen.

And Jim. Jim is husband to my bocci partner Jules. Jules was not with us. She was visiting girl friends in New Orleans.

None of us has ever seen Jim without a baseball cap on his head. Last night he arrived without the hat. A different man! He had hair! Thick white hair. We never knew!

What a party! What a time!

Good food! Good company!

I was a bit wasted when I finally got home. OK to do every now and then.

It is Sunday! Love Sundays!

The newspapers, Meet the Press, Lisa and the grandkids, the Gardens and I don’t know what else.

Hope your day is a good one, also!

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  1. Lou,
    After being out late and imbibing as well, how do you manage to get up so early in the a.m.? and write a legible blog?

    More power to ya.
    Rich of Massachusetts

  2. Hello from B and V in the Mohawk Valley.
    Summer is just about over here and we have not played golf with you.
    We miss you, but by reading your blogs we know you are well and happy.
    Would love to hear from you!
    Off to Vegas in Sept., then Orlando in Nov.

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