A good Key West day yesterday!

I had lunch with my favorite girl. Daughter Lisa. We sat quietly and talked for a long time at the Yacht Club.

Then over to Borders to read a bit.

I came across a pictorial novel about Dansville, New York. Never heard of Dansville before. For some reason, I started leafing through it. The pictures reminded me of my own home town up north, Utica, New York.

So I decided to read the book. It was one of those quick short things. Took all of a half hour.

Dansville is a village located in Livingston County in upstate New York. Probably a 100 miles to the south west of Utica.

A village in New York is the smallest municipal entity. A village is genrally part of a town. Dansville was and is in the town of North Dansville.

I know this all sounds less than exciting. But Dansville does have an interesting history!

Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross.

She was tired after nursing in the Franco-Prussian Wars. So she took a trip to Dansville. Dansville at the time was famous for its health spa. Barton went to the spa to rest. The time frame is early 1870s.

Barton liked Dansville so much that she became a resident. Lived there for 10 years. And it was while she lived in Dansville that she founded the American Red Cross.

Dansville had another famous resident. His name was Klinker. He manufactured one of the first automobiles in the United states. Right there in Dansville. And called the car Klinker.

The compny did not stay in business long.

The Chart Room to start my evening.

Che was leaving as I arrived. Peter said hello and left. Marty is out of town. Going to be a boring evening, I thought.

No way.

In came Gary and JJ. I had never met either. They are locals. Our paths have just never crossed.

Gary is in charge of maintenace at Las Brisas. JJ is retired from a credit union career. We had good conversation.

There was also a tourist at the bar. From Atlanta. We talked a bit about the federal Centers for Disease Control which is located in Atlanta. A big deal! My enviromental work took me there a couple of times for extended trips. A huge campus. It has all kinds of information and data about bad things. An intimidating place.

It was dinner at the bar at Hot Tin Roof. A piece of snapper. So good! And kind words from manager John.

By the way, I still am into my good health kick. I have lost 5 pounds since Tuesday. I know. It’s all water! But 5 pounds is 5 pounds!

After dinner, it was off to the Keys Piano Bar. I was in the mood to hear some Broadway tunes well sung. And I was not disappointed!

The performances were outstanding!

While I was enjoying a drink at the bar, Queen Kate Miano came in. She was dressed in all her queenly regalia. The crown, the long dress. Her personal regal appearance.

She came to me immediately with open arms. A warm embrace and kiss. Kate is a wonderful person! She was all dressed up last night as it was the beginning of this year’s Fantasy Fest quest for a new King and Queen. Kate is reigning Queen.

Mary Jo came in. I am amazed by the woman’s ability to survive! A hug and kiss from Mary Jo, also.

Then home to bed and a good night’s sleep.

I slept a bit late. Which is good! And welcome! The sun is up. There is a slight breeze. It is going to be another golden Key West day.

I hope the sun is shinning where ever you are! And if not, may it shine in your heart!

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  1. Geeezz,, JoAnn and I have been going to KW for 10 years now and have just heard about the Chart Room from Gary and Tecia..We need to check this place out..
    Dansville is a pretty neat little town with a thriving airport and a brand spanking new wind farm..Too bad our state is right smack in the middle of the rust belt..There is a whole lot of neat history in this area.. Gotta go, see ya, Patrick

  2. Louis, back in the middle 60's my grandmother and her friend ran a thriving truck stop diner at the bottom of the big hill in dansville. Since then the road has changed . A tractor trailer wen't through the restaurant. Mike– Dons' place

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