Good morning!

I am up early! Still dark outside!

Yesterday proved to be a terrific day.

It started with the beach. Fort Zachrey Taylor beach. I went with Lisa, Corey and the grandkids.

Hot! No breeze! I spent most of the time in the water or under some trees.

Robert and Ally swim like fish. I am impressed how they handle themselves in the water. Corey had them swimming by the rocks. He had his snorkeling mask and the grandkids their goggles. They were all floating around looking at the fish. At one point I put on Corey’s mask and took a look. There were a lot of different and colorful fish!

Last night was a big evening for Larry Smith at the Wine Galley.

Larry is having shoulder replacement surgery Wednesday. Last night was Larry’s we love you and good luck party!

The place was packed! I have never seen so many people! Inside and out! Dancing! Singing! Clayton Lopez was featured. Many vocal artists and musicians attended. All participated in providing entertainment.

It was a big night!

Larry, you are definitely loved!

Enjoy your day, my friends!

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  1. Get with it, Looe: One of our past presidents would turn over in his grave if he received a letter from you saying, Dear Zachrey.

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