The past two days have been enjoyable. But a bit tiring. Especially Friday!

I baby sat Robert and Ally Friday. That made two days in a row! Hard work! I was exhausted by the time Lisa picked them up Friday afternoon!

I had promised Robert and Ally miniature golf. So Friday we drove up to Boondocks to play. This was their second time. They are getting better rapidly. Robert even had a hole in one! Ally did one hole in a 2!

They loved it! Laughed all away around the course! It made me feel good about having taken them there.

Then we had lunch at Boondocks.

Robert and Ally both ordered macaroni and cheese. What else! Robert had a diet Pepsi. His mother does not permit the children to drink soda. So Robert was sort of cheating and knew it! He drank gleefully!

Ally had lemonade. It was pink! Pink is her favorite color! She was in pink lemonade heaven!

After returning home, we swam for a while. And then Lisa arrived and took her children back.

I fell into bed exhausted! Two days in a row of baby sitting! I suddenly realized why God makes parents young!

Thursday night I was too tired to dress and go out. But not tired enough to stay in. So I sneaked over to Hogfish for a sandwich and some quiet bar chatter. And then home to an early bed.

Yesterday was a Louis day. I seem to be doing a lot of them lately. Perhaps there is a need. Who knows!

Anyhow I started my Saturday with a manicure. Then to Borders to read a bit.

Lunch was at Blossom’s. The people who ran Paradise Cafe ran into difficulty. They could not make a deal with the bank. So they have reopened down the street and around the corner. At Blossom’s! It is on White Street, just off Eaton. The same good food. The same good people.

I started Saturday night at the Chart Room. Lots of people! Marty, Captain Peter and Shiela. And Michael the bartender.

I also made two new friends. Brian and Tisha. They were sitting next to me at the bar. They are from Oswego, Nedw York. I did a lot of law work in Oswego over the years. It is about a 1 hour 40 minute drive from Utica. So we had some common acquaintances.

Brian retired after 37 years with the County. Tisha retired after a life time with the Police Department. They reside here in Key West in July and August. And then return for another 3 months in January, February and March.

They live and work at Fort Zachrey Taylor Beach. They live in their own RV and do minimal maintenace work mornings at the beach.

A good life! Both looked healthy and tanned. And Brian proudly said his blood pressure had dropped because of the job.

They both love Key West.

I am glad I ran into them . I suspect we are going to become good friends.

It was steak time! I wanted a good one! So it was off the the Strip House at the Reach. What a delicious sirloin!

I planned on going over to the Keys Piano Bar after dinner for some good music. However as I finished my coffee, my body told me I felt just right! I needed no more of anything. So it was home to bed and a good night’s sleep!

Today is Sunday. Love Sundays!

I am starting the morning with a swim with Lisa, Corey and the grandkids. At Fort Zach beach!

Tonight will be Kate Miano’s Gardens and then to the Wine Galley to hear Larry Smith. Larry is having shoulder replacement surgery Wednesday and we are gathering for a party tonight to wish him well.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. hey louis! nice to read your blog and i will bookmark it. by the way, my name is gary not brian. missed you this am at the beach but we are sure to see you again!, gary and tecia.

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