Weather is the topic of the day every day at this time of the year in Key West. The hurricane season is upon us!

Key Westers are presently comfortable with the hurricane problem. The first 3 storms of the season petered out or moved in a different direction.

Speaking of weather, TV yesterday morning reported an 80 per cent chance of showers. I looked out the window. No way. I was correct.

Key West locals pay little or no attention to the weather channel. A 30 per cent chance of rain means absolutely no rain. Every other prediction is questionable.

The only time for concern with the weather report is when it says no rain. Guaranteed, it will rain!

I should have been a weather reporter. You can be wrong and still retain your employment!

I am not adversely reflecting on hurricane weather reporters. They are a different breed. I have found during the hurricane season that their projections are right on!

Even though I knew yesterday’s weather report was less than accurate, I started the morning hoping we would finish 18 holes before it rained.

No rain, Jose!

The weather was great! The sun intense, but there was a good wind. From Hurricane Bill. Just enough wind to keep us comfortable. Not enough wind to affect our game. Nor provide an excuse for a bad round!

I played with the big guys yesterday! Kurt, Don and Larry!

They gave me a ton of strokes. And I still was the big loser! $11!

Kurt was the big winner! He also picked up $35 in a side game with Don.

Larry is getting in all the golf he can this week. Next Wednesday he is scheduled for shoulder replacement surgery. It will be a while before he swings a club again!

Sunday at 9 at the Pier House’s Wine Galley will be Larry’s last Sunday Showcase till the shoulder heals. A farewell/good luck party is planned. Larry’s friends will be there. All 3 of them!
Only kidding! The place will be packed. Larry is one of the most well liked people in Key West!

I was late getting to the Chart Room last night.

Marty was finishing his drinking as I was starting. He wanted to eat. Where became the issue. We could not agree. We are becoming like the odd couple!

Anyhow he went to the restaurant of his choice. I stayed and had another drink.

I decided to go to Michael’s for dinner. Neither Marty nor I had mentioned Michael’s as an option last night.

Guess who was at the bar when I walked in? Yes, Marty! We both laughed!

Tonight bocci! We play Larry Smith’s team. They were good last year. Made the playoffs. And they won all 3 of their games last week. Whereas, we lost all 3 of ours.

However, I suspect we will do well tonight. It is always a grudge match when we play Larry’s team.

I am babysitting today. Corey is dropping Robert and Ally off at 10. I will do some pool time with them this morning. Then Hogfish for lunch. They like it there, though they prefer McDonald’s. I am not a McDonald’s person. So it will definitely be Hogfish! I took them to McDonald’s last week when I baby sat. This week it is my turn!

I some times wonder who is more of a child. Me or them!

After lunch we will be back at my home playing games till 3, when Lisa comes to pick them up.

It is absolutely amazing! Three years ago I was a successful working attorney in New York State. Now I baby sit.

Life’s normal progression! Not bad, either! A hug from Robert or Ally is more thrilling than any court room victory I ever experienced!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Sounds like you enjoy being a grandfather as much as Robert and Ally enjoy having you for one.

    Keep up the good work, Papa.

  2. I can accept a few errors, but none that are recurring. Percent; not per cent. It makes me crazy to see these things. My eyes have to drag themselves from the "r" to the "p." Take your time. I know you are not dyslectic.

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