A quiet Tuesday.

Robert and Ally are sick again. Kids always are sick. Their coughs are back.

I stopped over to see them. They were playing and running around. No apparent disability, except for the coughs. Lisa is medicating them and I assume they will be better in a few days.

Then to the Coffee House for a double choco mocha and to read the papers.

Lunch was at home.

Afterwards read a book outside in the shade for a while.

Then a nap inside in the cool of the air conditioning.

Last night was Outback’s for dinner! Have not been there in a long time. A juciy prime rib and baked potato for dinner. Satisfying food!

The reason I ate at Outback’s is I wanted to go to the movies. The theater is at the Sears Shopping Center. Outback’s and the movie house are close by. Walking distance.

I saw Julie and Julia. A winner! Meryl Streep is terrific! What a talent!

I am up early this morning. A full night’s sleep is becoming a problem the past few days.

Of course, it is black outside. However the ocean is moving fast. Waves are breaking on the rocks. I can hear it all from my open window.

It is hurricane Bill. Bill is moving eastward fast. Though still more than a thousand miles away, its impact is being felt here in Key West. Wind! Strong yesterday. Will be stronger today.

We are lucky. Bill is bending north and will not hit Key West nor come any where close. But I suspect we will have a rainy and windy day come Saturday or Sunday.

Golf this morning. The wind will play a decisive factor with every shot. It is going to be interesting.

Maybe with the wind so bad, I will play good!

Hope springs eternal!

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  1. Hi Lou,
    Hurricane Bill was said to be about as big as the State Of Colorado on Weather Channel last night. I'm so happy to hear that he
    won't be visiting you in Key West!
    Fearful for the other folks, though.

    My son was at the World Hurricane Conference earlier this year at Paradise Island, Bahamas. Serious stuff, invitation only.

    He tells me they call hurricanes
    Willy-Willys over there! Wonder if that is because these huge storms give folks the willys?

    Thank you for your wonderful blog.
    It is always nice to read!

  2. Hi Lou,
    Glad to hear that Bill missed you. I enjoy reading your blog, Keep up the good work. By the way what's on the street as far as the Acevedo events ?

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