There is a song from the 1950s entitled Shrimp Boats. Its refrain is “…shrimp boats are a coming, their sails are in sight!”

I am altering the verbiage a bit. “Hurricanes are a coming, their winds are in sight!”

The hurricane season is upon us. No question. Three storms in a week! All contributing to dialogue and concern among Key West locals.

The first was a tropical storm which was a nothing. Passed over us as not quite a day of rain and then moved on to the Panhandle.

The second was Ana. Another tropical storm, though more intense. When discovered, it was reported to be on a straight line with the keys. Ana dissipated yesterday in the east Carribean. It is no more!

The third is Bill. Presently a category 2, yesterday it was projected as serious and going to a category 4. Two days ago, Key West was in its cone. No longer. Bill will bend and go north. Bermuda/North Carolina are areas for concern. And it is still projected to increase in intensity to a category 4!

We missed the bullet! Good! No, great! But it is not all over! The hurricane season is with us till the end of November. And it will be a part of our conversations almost every day from now till then!

I needed some Louis time yesterday. So I bought the newspapers and went out to Hogfish on Stock Island. Fish/healthy eating was not my concern. I had a pulled pork sandwich and fries. Sat there a couple of hours and ate and read.

Last night was the same diet wise. I needed more soul satisfying food. So lasagna it was at La Trattoria!

I met Marty first at the Chart Room. Che was there also. Had a couple of drinks and solved the world’s problems.

Met a gent by the name of Parker. Parker has been a Key Wester a long time.

He is talented art wise. In 2004, Parker designed the official Fantasy Fest poster.

There is a chalk board at one end of the bar in the Chart Room. About 6′ x 4′. While we were drinking, Parker went over and drew a wild ocean scene in about 10 minutes! A sea monster! And all other types of sea urchins! All with a rolling moving sea!

Even a sun or moon! I could not tell whether whatever was occurring, happened by day or night. What did intrigue me however was the perfect roundness of the sun or moon. All done free hand!

Enjoy your day!

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