Sunday started early. Lisa telephoned at 8 to tell me to meet the family at Camille’s at 9 for breakfast.

A quick shower and I was on my way.

Always fun to be with the grandkids. Especially at a restaurant. They are individuals in their own right. Each knows what he or she wants.

Robert is always pancakes. And he must spread the syrup over them! Always too much! So rich!

Ally is scrambled eggs and whole wheat toast. And ketchup! She orders ketchup as if it is an entre. Ketchup on everything! Even at home! On fruit, cereal and the like. Even on lettuce!

Bocci is Thursday night. Jules and I decided to practice yesterday. For shame! But we thought it was needed!

We met at the bocci courts at 11:30. It was boiling hot and humid!

Our purpose was to learn how to blast. The fast hard shot to break up a series of balls.

We were throwing hard. The heat did us in in 45 minutes. We had to quit!

Did we figure out how to blast? With accuracy, of course. I don’t know. Jules thinks we got the hang of it. The proof of the pudding will be Thursday night.

I hurried to Paradise Cafe for lunch after bocci blasting practice. Glad I did!

It was one in the afternoon. Paradise Cafe was closing for all time! Finally and for good! The bank did them in!

It was sad.

I was the last customer at Paradise Cafe. My 15 year run had come to an end.

The owners are reopening under a new name at a new location. Blossoms! On White Street, just off Eaton. About 2 blocks from its 15 year plus location.

It will not be the same! No out door seating. Five parking spots however. And the same good cuban sandwiches we have all become accustomed to.

I wish Blossom’s good luck!

I spent the afternoon in the air conditioned cool of my bedroom watching Tiger Woods in the final round of the PGA. He was matched against South Korea’s Yang. Yang won by 3 strokes. He never succumbed to Woods in any fashion.

Woods has been playing conservatively the past few tournaments. It has been good enough to win. But not yesterday! I think he has to go back to shooting for the pin and seeking to sink the long putts rather than lagging up.

On the other hand, who am I to give advice to Tiger Woods! I, the world’s worst golfer, sharing words of wisdom with the world’s best!

Last night was dinner at the Yacht Club. Sunday night is brunch time. Always a good meal!

Two storms heading our way. The first of the season. Ana and Bill. Ana looks like a bust. Merely a tropical storm. A lot of wind and rain for a day. Bill on the other hand could be of concern. Appears to be a hurricane in the making. The cone is bending, however. It may never hit Florida or may just brush by.

Ana is due Thursday. Bill Saturday. An interesting week ahead.

Enjoy your day!

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