Happy Sunday!

The rain has stopped!

Wild yesterday! Poured all day.

It looks like today will be a good day. In spite of the fact that thunderstorms have been predicted.

The hurricane season is upon us. Ana due to hit Thursday and Bill Saturday.

Ana is presently predicted as a tropical storm. Bill a hurricane.

Whether each will hit Key West is another story. We must assume they will for saftey’s sake. And hope they will not!

I am watching the weather channel as I write this morning. That rainstorm that was over us big time yesterday has developed into a tropical storm in the Gulf and is heading for the panhandle.

No question. The hurricane season is upon us!

The rain yesterday made my day easy. I stayed in bed all day. Watched the PGA.

Last night I hit the Chart Room first. Thought the place would be packed. Rainy days make for busy bar times.

The Chart Room was empty. I had a drink with bartender Michael.

I opted for dinner at the Hot Tin Roof. Glad I did. Many that I had expected to see at the Chart Room were at the bar at Hot Tin Roof!

Jean, Joe, Gail, Brian, Ammie and more!

Good people all! Good company all!

Love Sundays! Meet the Press, the Sunday papers, PGA final round, the Gardens later and finally dinner at either La Trattoria or the Yacht Club.

What could be better!

You enjoy your Sunday, also!

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