I babysat yesterday!

An experience!

I took Robert and Ally to the Reach. The Reach has constructed an outdoor chess game.

The board is a form of ceranic tile. Layed into the ground. Each square is 2′ x 2′. The squares are black and white.

The chess pieces are 18 inches tall. A bit heavy. Colored black and white.

The pieces were heavy for both Robert and Ally. Especially Ally. But with a bit of my help and some grunting and groaning by all, the board was set up with all pieces in proper position.

Then Robert and Ally played. About mid way througfh the match and with Robert winning, Ally got tired. Or so she said. That was the end of the game!

It was lunch time. I asked where they wanted to go. They agreed. MacDonalds!

A real joy!

They had boxes of chicken nuggets and fries. Robert had chocolate milk and Ally lemonade.

I could have used a gin. But no gin was to be had! So I ordered one of those big new angus burgers. Full of calories and cholesterol! Excellent! And a diet Pepsi.

We talked. About toys and clothes and swimming. And lemonade! Robert tasted Ally’s lemonade and liked it better than his chocolate milk.

Then it was back to my house to swim. We hung out in the pool till 3 when Lisa showed up.

It was a fun day. But tiring! You have to watch them every moment. And they are pure energy.

I was whipped by the time they left. So a quick snooze was in order.

I wanted to see the new movie Hangover. It has turned out to be a surprise summer hit. It was playing at the Tropic Cinema.

I did the early show. 6:15.

A great comedy! See it! You will laugh every moment fcrom start to finish. It is a tale of 4 guys doing a one night before the wedding bachelor party in Las Vegas. A riot!

After the movie, I walked over to Kelley’s. Had wings and a couple of drinks at the bar.

Then home to an early bed. Before 9! And a good night’s sleep!

Gail Miller is a well known woman about town. A popular, likable and admired figure.

She appears to have two loves in life. Spanish dancing and photography.

I had the opportunity to view some of her photography along the way yesterday. What a talent!

I enjoy your work, Gail! And you, too!

Rain predicted for today. Who knows. Who cares.

Talk with you tomorrow.

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