I slept late this morning! Till 7!

The previous 2 nights I was up at 3. I feel so much better this morning!

Golf yesterday probably contributed to it. The humidity and lack of breeze was horrendous. Certain of the holes are lined with woods and huge mangos. They complertely block any wind that might be blowing.

I was soaking wet and completely tired by the time we finished playing.

I played with Larry and Randy. The group gets smaller in the summer. Yesterday was the smallest when we were down to 3.

I was the big loser! So, what’s new! Nothing changes. I pay to get beat up!

After golf, I literally crawled home. And to bed! But immediate sleep was not to be mine.

Lisa showed up with Robert and Ally. Love them! But I wanted to sleep!

They left after an hour. And I fell asleep for 4 hours. I told you I was tired!

I sound like that guy in the Key West Cemetary whose stone reads…..I told you I was sick!

I finished the evening quietly. Hogfish! For a hogfish sandwich and a couple of drinks.

And then home to bed again!

Donna and Terri are finally in New York. It took them about 3 months to drive from Key West to Chicago to Detroit and then New Yok City. With multiple layovers in between. They have many friends!

It is now time for Terri to go to work. Rehersals for Finian’s Rainbow start soon. May Terri have a Tony in hand at this time next year!

Bocci starts tonight! I am excited!

I was going to practice bocci for a couple of weeks prior to starting the season. The road to hell is truly lined with good intentions! I never got around to it!

So it will be cold turkey tonight. No problem. Ninety nine per cent of the players neither practice nor train. The purpose of bocci is not the game itself. Rather it is the drinking and partying that accompanies it!

What a country, America!

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