I am having trouble sleeping. Here it is 5 in the morning again and I am awake and up.

TV advertsisers know what they are doing. I just turned on the television and there was an advertisement for people who find it difficult to sleep.

Yesterday was a typical Key West day. Which means a good day! Never a bad day in Key West!

I spent the morning doing paper work. I miss having a secretary and staff to whom to delegate all my mundane duties. My appreciation for secretasary and staff has grown ten fold in the three years since I have retired.

It was lunch and reading the papers at the Yacht Club.

The early afternoon saw me at Borders. It is amazing where my reading takes me. I am into my second book in a week on sociopaths.

Then to Lisa’s. I needed to be with the grandkids. Love them, dearly! They are growing by leaps and bounds, physically and mentally. A constant amazement!

Last night started at the Chart Room. A good group! Marty, Dan, Jean, Joe and Stephanie. Stephanie was having dinner later at the Hot Tin Roof with Jean and Joe. Stephanie was wearing new shoes. Sexy black spiked ones. The shoe lady!

Marty and I had dinner at the bar at Michaels. Michaels is a pleasing place. It is the atmosphere. The atmosphere has a flavor of its own. It is a comfortable place to sit back, have a drink and something to eat. And pass the time of day with who ever is seated next to you.

I stopped at Don’s Place for a night cap on the way home. Glad I did. Jules and Tom and Rob and Beebe were there.

Bocci was the conversation item. We all play on the same team. The new season starts Thursday night.

What will the new bocci seasson hold for us? We were terrific 2 seasons ago. Fighting to make the play offs. Then last season we sucked! We were the cellar team!

Golf this morning! It has been 2 weeks since I played. I am looking forward to it. I don’t care how I play, even though I complain a lot after a round. I just enjoy being out there and sharing the experience with the less than sane people I play with.

Still dark outside. I have to start sleeping later.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Mr. P: Any chance you would consider coming out of retirement, while there's still some good secretaries and staff left at your firm? Right now most of us feel like passengers on the Titanic, watching your son and daughter lead the orchestra. SAD.

    Frowning in NY

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