I was to bed early last night. So I am up early this morning.

It is about 5 am. Black outside. No apparent breeze . I cannot hear the water running through the open window.

I had dinner last night at Lisa’s. My grandkids Robert and Ally are terrific. Pure motion! They never stop!

Lunched at Paradise Cafe. Cuban toast with tomato and melted cheese. Always good! It was so humid, I ate inside. First time in a long time!

Brooke was barteneding Saturday night at the Keys Piano Bar. Brooke is a lovely young lady. In her mid to late 20s..

She was sporting a new hair cut/style. A short crew cut. Like mine.

I asked Brooke why. She said she needed a change. I looked at her like I did not believe her. There was a pause. Then she said, “My grandmother has cancer.”

Good girl, Brooke! You have done more for your grandmother than all the medicine in the world!

The iguanas are back in the news.

One of the local papers suggests we put them to good use.

Iguanas are not common to this area. Their natural habitat is Central America and South America. It is thought that they found their way here via the several hurricanes we suffered in recent years.

In Central and South America they are a food stuff. A staple. Iguanas are purported to taste like chicken. And are eaten by the populace of those areas.

Their skins are used to make leather shoes and bags.

The moral of the story was lets start putting iguanas to good use. Instead of thinking of ways to random kill them merely for elimination purposes.

One thing about Key West, it accepts everyone! We are unquestionably a diverse people. And we have chickens and iguanas all over the place to boot!

Yesterday was Captain Tony Day!

Captain Tony died last year. A Key West icon! Many claims to fame. Several marriages, many children, Mayor, bar keep, developer, and on and on.

Ran a first class Key West bar, he did. On Green Street, just off Duval. In the home of the original Sloppy Joe’s.

Yesterday was a big time musical event in Captain Tony’s honor. Music all day at the bar.

Last night at 8 my dear friend Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24 played. Unquestionably drew a huge crowd! Howard has a groupie following like you would not believe! I can visualize them bursting out the doors of CaptainTony’s and standing outside in the street 300 feet to each side of the bar.

I did not go. Love Howard! But I knew how big the crowd would have been last night. I was not in the mood. I opted instead for an early to home and bed.

I can hear water now. It is raining. Actually, it is pouring! I was awakened several times during the night by heavy rain. No problem. I prefer it fall by night rather than day!

Do some thing nice for some one today!

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