What a party!

Hospice throws a fund raising party on July 4th every year. The event is held on the grounds of the Casa Marina. The Casa is a hop, skip and jump from the White Street Pier where the fire works occur.

The beach at the Casa is a perfect spot from which to watch the fireworks!

I arrived about 7:30. First time I ever attended the event. I went especially to be with Corey, Lisa and the grandkids. Robert and Alley have been talking about the fire works for days.

Glad I did!

A big Fourth of July party! Hamburgs, hot dogs, salads, corn on the cob, ice cream, pop corn and I don’t know what else! All you wanted! A band playing. Friend Skipper leading the band!

People meandering around. Friends meeting. A lot of chatter.

And little kids running all over the place.

I finally found Corey and Lisa. No grandkids, however. Where are they, I asked. Lisa pointed to the far end of the beach. Robert and Ally had met friends and made new friends. They were running and playing. There were trampolines and slides for the kids.

I ate, talked, observed people and generally enjoyed myself.

We watched the fireworks sitting on one of those small pontoon sailboats on the beach. Just inches from the water.

The fire works were spectacular! Much better than I was accustomed to up north. Every one was oohing and ahing! Robert and Alley included!

The only drawback to the evening was the humidity. Hot! Thick! No breeze!

Hard to breath some times. My shirt was soaking wet. Sticking to me.

In the middle of the fire works, I had had it! I told Lisa I am going home and collapse on clean cool sheets in an air conditioned bed room!

I had to park my car a few blocks away from the Casa Marina. It was less warm as I walked. There was a slight breeze coming from the gulf side of the island. The Casa is located on the Atlantic side and the hotel iteself blocked the gulf breeze from the party people assembled on the beach.

People were standing on the streets watching the fireworks.

As I was stumbling along to my car, I heard a loud, “Hello Louis!”

It was Barbara Grob. A friend. Owner of the Key West Art Bar. She ran over to hug and give me a kiss. She was dressed magnificently. A blouse, long skirt and jewelry. Since she was watching the fire works from a vantage point where the gulf breeze hit her, she was appeared all fresh and crispy. As opposed to me who was still sweating and in a wet rumpled shirt.

I tried to push her away, saying I’m soaking wet. She didn’t care. Said so. And gave me a warm hug and kiss.

A nice lady!

I did make it home to my air conditioned room and cool bed. Which I immediately collapsed into! I wanted to watch the Boston Pops July 4 show. My cable service did not have it. So I ended up watching something from Washington, DC. Good, but no where as good as the Boston Pops!

I woke up feeeling heavy this morning! Like I had drunk a lot last night! The problem is I did not have even have one drink. Must be the humidity knocked the hell out of me and I am still feeling it even after a good night’s sleep.

It is Sunday. I am going to go buy the papers and find somewhere to sit for a while and enjoy some ham and eggs.

Why not!

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