Happy 4th of July!

America celebrates today! Cookouts, parades and the like! Very American!

Tonight there is a Hospice fund raiser at the Casa Marina. Apparently it is an annual event on this day. Hot dogs, hamburgers and then the fire works!

I have never attended. Lisa always goes and takes the grandkids. Tonight I am going to join them. Hopefully, Ally will hold my hand when the fire works go off so I won’t be scared! Ho ho!

Yesterday was a long one. Did paper work all day. I am in the midst of a project I have to finish.

In the evening, I was too tired to do much. So I just popped into the Chart Room for a couple of drinks. Talked at length with Captain Peter. A most interesting person! A world traveler. Adventurer a more apt description. Some interesting stories. Not appropriate yet for sharing, however. Perhaps another day.

So Sarah Palin no longer wants to be Governor of Alaska!

Good for Alaska. Bad for the rest of us. She will be in our faces big time between now and the
2012 election.

I was not impressed with her when she ran for Vice President. Did not think she was Presidential timber. I perceived her to be a less than competent individual who lucked out in becoming Governor and then lucked out even further when Mc Cain picked her. I view her as a fringe person.

Anyhow…..now she will be free to get rich! She is writing a book which is bound to be a best seller. Also she will be able to receive huge speaking fees. Plus whatever else! A TV or radio talk show?

Before any of you think I am anti female, pleae don’t. Far from it! However Palin is not a Hillary Clinton.

Sometimes I think we should go through a period when we only have leaders of the female gender. Men and women are wired differently! A term of women only might be just what the world needs to correct itself!

I’m off for an early morning swim. Enjoy your day!

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