A beautiful day in the making! Sun already up. A bit of clouds. Very little breeze. Water moving slowly.

I predicted rain for yesterday. Because the wind was from the south. When I went to bed it had not yet rained. I could not figure it out. Nature here in the keys is a generally reliable and a good determinant.

I was not to be disappointed.

About 11 last night it rained! Big time! Poured! Thunder and lightning! Ba ba boom kind of thunder! And lightning that lit up the sky over the water!

The street in front of my house is still flooded a bit this morning.

It rained!

I did not get to the beach in time to see Beecha complete her swim around Key West. So as of this time I do not know how she did.

I did get to the beach, however. About an hour after the race was over. I went with Lisa, Corey and the grandkids. Fort Zach beach.

My grandkids are terrific in the water. Fish. They tell me their job is to watch me. To make sure I do not stray too far alone. Cute! Love them!

We stayed a couple of hours. Then the sun was getting to us and we left.

The sun really got to me. I went to Lisa’s for a bite and then home to bed. Where I stayed till this morning. For whatever reason, the sun wiped me out yesterday!

Have a peaceful Sunday!

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