Slept late this morning!

Sun already up and blazing!

Wind from the south. About 15-20 miles an hour. Generally when the wind is from the south, it is going to rain. We shall see. Does not look it at the present time.

Yesterday was a good day! All day!

Lunched at the Yacht Club. Read the papers. Chatted a bit.

Then to Borders to read a while. Ran into Don’s Place’s Kurt who bought a few books. Kurt shaved off his beard. No longer looks like Santa Claus!

Got a call from son in law Corey. He had jsut finished one week of Federal Court jury duty. Sat on a criminal trail. The result was a hung jury. It was interesting to hear Corey describe his experience. I had many questions. Remember, I am a retired attorney. It was interesting to spend the time with Corey discussing his impressions of the trial, the jury system and American justice.

Corey is a good man. Made an excellent juror, I am sure.

Then home for a nap. Enjoy my late afternoon slumbering.

Last night was outstanding! Just a good time all the way around!

I started with dinner at the bar at La Trattoria.

Erin bartending. The crowd good. It was a weekend night. At least one sitting.

I sat next to William. Had run into him before. A CPA here in Key West. Owns a couple of motels, also. On the board of a local bank. Good company, good talk.

Lisa’s friend Greer was there having dinner. She came over to say hello and give me a kiss. Greer is one attractive and smart woman! Has worked for years at Casa Marina where she has a top job. I know her parents well. It was good to see her again.

It must have been Lisa’s night! Her boss Kerry was there also.

Beecha was her usual beautiful self! Love Beecha!

We never know some one till we know them. Sounds like a Yogi Berra statement! Anyhow, there is a swimming race today. Around Key West. 12 miles. This is the third year for the race.

Guess what? Beecha swims in the race. Yes, around the island. Tied once with the male winner. Came in first another time in the women’s division. Beecha told me it will take about 5.5 hours to complete the race.

She does not train. Just goes out and does it. The race ends at Fort Zachery Taylor. I am going to try to be there around noon to cheer Beecha on.

I finally made it to the Key West Art Bar after I left La Trattoria. I have been trying to get there for weeks.

The Art Bar is located in the former Flagler Railroad Station building. Yes, the railroad use to come to Key West at one time. Henry Flagler made it possible. Then the hurricane of 1935 wiped out most of the bridges and tracks and it was never rebuilt. But the station itself remained as an historical site.

It used to be located over on the Atlantic side of the island. Several years ago it was moved near the Gulf side. It was that or be destroyed. A development was going in where it originally stood.

It sits now across the public parking lot and near Half Moon Raw Bar.

A lovely yellow wood structure.

Barbara Grob is the proprietor.

I have known Barbara only briefly over the years. I remember when she opened her first store on Truman. A small art store. She sold paintings and jewelry made by others. And metal geckos made by her! A gecko is a small lizard, from my perspective. She pounded out the geckos in all sizes and got her start in business.

She was successful. Needed a larger store. Moved to White Street. A big store!

It became a gold mine! She eventaully sold it and made some good dollars.

When she was on White Street, she came up with what I consider her signature item. A black tee shirt. For men and women, alike. With white print: Art Slut. The tee shirts did and still sell big time!

Note carefully that the term slut is not applicable to Barbara. She is a lady. It applies only to the genius wording on the tee shirt.

She took a few years off after selling White Street. Last year she reopened her business in the Flagler Train Station.

What a difference a day makes! What a difference Barbara makes!

She is talented, deep thinking, vibrant, etc. She has a store full of Key West items such as paintings, jewlery, ceramics, sculptures and I don’t know what else! Including her Art Slut tee shirts! She has it all! The place reminded me of a smaller Fast Buck Freddies.

There is also an after deck outside the rear of the store. A Wow!

Difficult to describe. I would say the decor is modern elegant Key West with a touch of the ’50s.

There is a bar. She has a beer/wine license. Makes crazy drinks. Like a saki martini!

A pool table! New and just lovely! I used to play in my wayward youth. And free! The only free pool table in Key West.

A movie screen. A free movie one night a week.

Lounging sofas and cocktail tables. Interesting overhanging lights.

She has something going on every evening. Wednesday is Mafia Night. Not sure what it is. But I plan on being there next Wednesday for ancestral reasons!

Barbara sat and talked with me at length. I enjoyed our time together. I look forward to visiting the Art Gallery more often. It is a winner in the making!

It is still beautiful outside. Not a cloud in the sky. However, I am willing to bet it will rain at some point today. Because the wind is blowing from the south! A sure indicator of what is to come! I will let you know tomorrow how good my weather reporting is.

Have a good day! I plan on it!

Hope I make the finish line of Beecha’s 12 mile 5 1/2 hour race around the island!

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