It gets a little warmer every day. That means a bit more humid each day. I am finding it difficult to handle. Strange.

Anyhow…..another great day in the making! Sun up, no breeze, water calm.

Lisa and the grandkids showed up at around 10 yesterday morning. The grandkids wanted to swim. I was still in bed. I stayed in bed.

All of a sudden, Ally came running into my bedroom. “There’s a frog in the pool!”

I think they expected me to be the big game hunter. No way! The bed was too comfortable. However, I did take the time to explain to her and Robert, who fiinally showed up, that the frog found his way in from the ocean and would find his way out. They could swim in the pool. Share the pool with the frog, I told them! We share the ocean with the frogs and fish.

It worked! They went back to the pool to swim. And I got to stay in bed!

Later on I lunched at the Pier House. I enjoy Sunday brunch there. I can sit by the beach and read the Sunday papers at leisure.

Then home to watch the golf tournament. Tiger came through! Great driving! His putting needs some work. He is still missing putts he rarely did before his surgery. However, yesterday he played well enough to win! And it was not easy! These young guys and some of the older pros are all hitting the ball so much better. The overall level of play has risen this past year.

Golf over, I headed for the Gardens. Sunday night is becoming a must at the Gardens!

Good music and good people! Good conversations! I enjoyed especially chatting with the charming Gail Miller and later with Gardens’ owner Kate Miano.

Kate just returned from a 2 week trip to Thailand. Had all kinds of interesting things to share. I continue to be amazed at her recovery from the back surgery she had several months ago. A big deal surgery! Much pain for quite a while following the surgery. However, Kate now is all mended and well. And able to do things like traveling. Good for her!

I was hungry. Opted for the Hot Tin Roof.

I was surprised how busy it was for a Sunday evening.

However, the bar was empty. I sat at the bar, dined alone and watched TV. A big TV night! The Tony awards and the basketball game! I had the remote control. Why not! I was the only one at the bar. I was going back and forth. Loved it!

I am beginning to think that the Hot Tin Roof is the friendliest restaurant in Key West!

All the town’s restaurants, big or small, are good. But there seems to be something special about Hot Tin Roof. The help goes out of their way to make sure you are enjoying yourself. This, on top of the great food and excellent pricing, makes the Hot Tin Roof a place for all to try.

Enjoy your day!

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