I stayed up late last night watching the basketball game. Los Angeles decimated Orlando!

An observation. Did Nelson affect the flow of the game? The two teams played even the first quarter. Then Nelson came in as point guard. I immediately sensed the flow of the game for Orlando changed. Was different.

Remember, Nelson has not played for 4 months. To me, it is like Tiger Woods coming back. It takes time. Last night was not the time to throw a new player into the mix. Especially into a mix that had become a winning combination!

Thank you, Coach Louis!

I started my day yesterday with a long walk. Very long. Down on the waterfront. Dante’s. Schooner’s Wharf, The Galleon, etc. It has become harder to walk. The humidity is a bit thicker each day. Soon my walks will be confined to twice around inside the Home Depot. It is air conditioned!

Lunch at the outside bar at the Pier House. It is obvious that Key West is between seasons. There were 3 people on the beach and only a handful at the bar.

Stayed a while after lunch reading the papers.

It was manicure/pedicure time! So off to Lee Nails on Flagler.

I have been going to Lee Nails for years. Started when it was in Duval Square and for the past few years on Flagler where it moved.

It is Vietnamese run. The same cute little lady has taken care of me for years. I have gone through two pregnancies with her. She is absolutely lovely in that quiet Asiatic fashion.

I am ashamed to admit that I know not her name. Even after all these years!

She rarely speaks, except for hello.

Yesterday was different! She was a dynamo! Talking to the customers, watching the help. I figured she was on something or was made a boss.

I was wrong in both respects.

I asked her out right, “What is going on? You are different? They make you boss?”

“No,” she answered. “Me and my husband buy the place yesterday!”

What a change a day makes! What a change ownership makes!

She then proceeded to talk to me. First time ever! The words gushed out! She expressed all her concerns for their new indebtedness, the financial investment, she needs to replace 2 employees who are leaving immediately, etc. Wow, could she talk! She reminded me of my granddaughter Ally. We thought she would never talk. Then when she started, we could not shut her up!

They will make it! Big time! I welcomed her to the American world of capitalism!

Yesterday was a big day for the American way! Anna, who keeps my house tidy and in order, told me that she and her husband had made an offer on a house and were waiting to hear back from the bank today. Anna is from Poland.

After the pleasure of the pedicure, I was off to Publix for some groceries.

Grapes are a problem. Was last year at this time also. There are not many for sale. And those for sale are expensive and of poor qualty! There must be a season to grapes. And this is not it! So I bought extra bananas instead.

That was my day. You already know I stayed in to watch the basketball game last night.

Today is Friday. I will be out on the town tonight.

The sun is just coming up. Gray outside. Turning blue and gold as the sun’s rays increase.

Maybe I will do the beach for a while this afternoon…..

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