Good morning world!

Nice day today. At least at its start.

Sun bright, few clouds, water crawling along.

The problem is the rainy season. It is upon us here in Key West. It rained off and on yesterday and last night. No big deal. But it was there. And is here.

Today will probably be the same. However at this point in the early morning, it could not be better weather wise!

Robert appears to have recovered. Lisa just called. No fever. Slept well. Ate breakfast. Good! He wants to go to school. A good sign also. I am awaiting another call as to the school decision. If he does not go, I will be hastening over to baby sit.

Last night was Bobby Nesbitt time at Aqua. A good locals crowd. To listen to great singing!

The locals at Bobby’s Aqua performance are always the same. We are, in effect, groupies. Oh, well! Nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to Bobby! One of Key West’s most spectacular performers!

Then to one of my favorite haunts for dinner. La Trattoria. I was in a carb frame of mind! Lasagna! I wish I could say it was calorie free!

I walked over to the Keys Piano Bar. Terri was scheduled to sing. No Terri! I asked Mark Watson, “Where is Terri?” “Home sick,” he responded. “She threw out her back.”

I was on the telephone calling her. Got Donna. Yes, Terri’s back went out. Remember that Terri is a career dancer as well as singer. Her hoofing over the years has resulted in a lame back.

Donna was on her way to the drug store to get some hot/cold packs. Terri has to sing tonight. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday she is perforfming in a musical at the Red Barn Theater. The show must go on!

I am looking out my open widow here by the desk. I can see the ocean and the top of one palm tree. The sun shining on all. And I can also hear the sound of the water moving by.

What could be better!

God is good!

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