I am late with the blog today.

Normally I do it early in the morning. However the site would not come up this morning. It was down for some reason.

So I left to play golf. Today is Wednesday. Golf day. Lisa gave me the day off from babysitting. She stayed home to watch poor Robert who is still sick.

I am at Lisa’s now. Robert is sleeping. Still has a temperature.

Golf went well. I played with Yankee Jack and Aaron. Yankee and I played a money game. I won $2! Better than losing!

I baby sat Robert yesterday. The fever keeps hanging in. Doctor says not to worry. I worry. Lisa worries. If it follows Ally’s situation, the fever should break in the next day or two.

My first stop last night was the Chart Room. Sat at the round table with Captain Peter, Sean the reporter and a couple of other locals. Felt like I was at the round table at the Algonquin!

Rain was the main topic of conversation. It has been raining heavy the past two days. I was informed that the rainy season is upon us. About a week early. It normally starts with the hurricane season which is scheduled to begin June 1st.

I find the rainy season amusing. Just last week the newspaper informed us that we had to cut back on water usage. The drought in the keys was the worst since 1932. One of the restrictions was that lawns could only be watered one day a week and only for ten minutes. Now a week later and we are getting buried in rain! And it is anticipated to continue on a daily basis! Hopefully the drought problem will correct itself in short order.

I had an interesting experience at the bar at La Trattoria last night. Not very crowded. I was sitting alone in the corner having dinner. Erin was bartending.

At some point a woman and two men came in. They sat at the bar one seat away from me.

They were visitors. Tourists.

The woman appeared to be in her 50s. The men 40 to 50. The woman was bleached blonde. Attractive.

They were talking loudly and sharing with Erin.

They had just arrived in Key West yesterday. She had rented a home in Key Haven for the week. The two men were staying with her. Between last night and this morning, four more men would be arriving and all six men would be spending the week with her.

I say no more. The intimation was there. Erin was tongue tied.

I live in Key Haven. A family island. The professional and business people of Key West make their homes there.

We never had this before! At least not that I know of! Definately not an only in Key West thing!

I am going to sit with Robert a bit. He just woke up. Lisa is working from home.

Have a good day!

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