A strange occurence yesterday.

I was lazy. Spent the day hanging around the house. Mostly in bed. That kind of day.

Marty called at dinner time. He is back in town. He wanted to go to dinner. Square One. I was not in the mood. Too elegant for me last night. Told him I thought I would go to Schooner’s Wharf, have a couple of drinks and probably a fish sandwich at the bar.

We were on different wave lengths. So we agreed not to meet.

I stepped out of the shower at 7. My cell phone rang. It was Dan Manaher of Don’s Place. “Where are you?” “Home,” I replied. “When are you coming?” “Coming where?” “To the bocci party!”

I forgot! Last night was the bocci banquet at Don’s Place for our special 4 team group. Our second annual such party!

We had talked about it for 3 weeks. All of us. Bocci is important! The banquet even more important!

Don and I had chatted about it several times. Jules, who was in charge of awards, and I talked about it many times, also. Michael was responsible for the menu. He and I discussed the party and menu more than once.

And I forgot!


I was there in 15 minutes. Everyone was already partying. Most had already eaten. Food left, however.

I had a wonderful time!

My bocci friends are all good people!

There were several awards. Jules, Larry, Amanda, Chris and a couple of others received trophies. Well deserved! All happy to be recipients! And the rest of us happy to see them recognized!

Larry’s team was the big winner. Yankee Jack wrote a special song for Larry to commerate the event. Yankee stood next to Larry with his arm around Larry and sang it to him. Amusing to observe. Big Yankee and tiny Larry. One squeeze of Yankee’s arm and Larry would have been annihilated!

The words Yankee wrote fit the occasion. More importantly, they fit Larry!

Next year I am going to write the event on the back of my hand in indelible ink 3 weeks in advance of the bocci dinner. That way, I will be sure to remember! That is, if I have not already been confined for Alzheimer’s!

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