I had a good day yesterday!

A Louis day!

Turned out I did not have to babysit. So I laid in bed till about 11. Then a quick shower and out I went.

Started with a manicure and pedicure. Always a relaxing experience. I have been a clean and attractive nail fanatic for 40 years. A guy can dress in suit and tie, wear shined shoes and shave. But if his nails are not done, he looks like a bum!

Then to Hogfish for a quiet late lunch. Read the local papers and enjoyed some hogfish.

Lisa telephoned later in the day. Ally was still sick. She took her to the doctor. Merely a sore throat. Nothing worse. Lisa wanted some popsicles and ice cream for her. Doctor ordered. So I went and bought them and delivered them to my sick baby.

Ally looked terrific. Was playing. Opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue so I could look at her throat. Cute! She is a joy!

My first stop last night was the Chart Room. Ran into many locals. Peter, Marty, Sean, Shiela, amongst others. Good people. Good conversation.

Marty and I had dinner at the bar at Michaels. It was steak night for me. On the rare occasions I now eat meat, I feel guilty. Like I am cheating. But the doctor said to do it and who am I to argue with my doctor.

Afterwards we went to the Keys Piano Bar. I am glad we did. The singing was spectacualr!

I love Terri White. Her voice give me goose bumps when she hits those high notes. Mark Watson was at his best. And the other singers were no slouches either last night. It was a fantastic musical evening!

Vera Schiff came in. Always the lady. She is known as the Aunty Mame of Key West. Why, I do not know. Yes, she does have great parties with tons of people invited. But she is always soft spoken and pleasant. Not Rosiland Russell at all!

Vera came to Key West many years ago from somewhere in Pennsylvania. A widow. She is one of the most welcome people in town. Generous and charming. Always concerned. Never fails to ask me how Lisa is doing.

Kate Miano was there, too. Without wheel chair or cane. I was happy to see the transition back to normalcy.

Kate had a serious back operation several months ago. Recovery has been slow. She looked good last night! Very good! Moved around well. Always smiling and laughing. Welcome back, Kate!

Kate owned a small guest house at one time. Then she graduated upward when she purchased the Gardens Hotel several years ago. One of the finest properties in Key West!

Kate instituted a Sunday evening event. Music in the gardens and cocktails. The whole world comes to the Gardens Sunday evenings for the event. 200-300! Amazing what she has accomplished!

Kate is reigning Queen of Fantasy Fest. That means she is presently Queen and will continue in that capacity till a new one is elected late in October for the next Fantasy Fest. Obviously a well respected and admired woman!

There was a gentleman dressed in drag at the bar. Remember, this is Key West! The clothes probably looked better off him than on him. Attractive he was not!

But he had it all! Heels, stockings, fluffy dress, blond wig and a big straw hat! He looked like something out of Easter Parade in the 1950s. Then I thought that that is how people dress for the Kentucky Derby. The Derby is tonight! If he was dressed for the Derby, he was appropriatewly attired.

Anyhow…..he/she apparently had to go to the bathroom. I was curious to see which door he would open. He was true to form! He used the ladies room!

Only in Key West!

I cheated on my drinking last night. Had 4! Bad!

The Kentucky Derby is at 6 tonight. 6:04 to be precise. I plan to be with friends partying at Don’s Place. It will be fun!

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