America, the land of the underdog!

Yesterday’s Kentucky Derby winner proves the point!

Mine That Bird (what a name!) was a 50-1 shot. That should be enough to prove my point. But it goes farther.

The horse was trained in New Mexico. By a gent named Bernie Woolley Jr. He was the guy on TV in jeans and a black cowboy hat. A far cry from the normally suited and necktied trainer.

He was also on crutches. He broke his leg 2 months ago in a motorcycle accident.

To get Mine That Bird from New Mexico to Kentucky for the race, Woolley hitched the horse up to the back of his pickup truck and drove the horse and himself to Kentucky. Broken leg and all!

Woolley is 45. He is a for real cowboy. His previous employment was as a rodeo bareback rider.

They make Hollywood movies out of a scenerio like this! They probably will!

Not only is Woolley and the horse’s success an American success story, it has all kinds of shades of Key West attached to it. How many Key Westers might fit Woolley’s description and background!

Yesterday was the 135th running of the Kentucky Derby. The first race was in 1875. A horse named Aristides won. 10,000 fans watched. The purse was $2,850.

Mine That Bird ran before 153, 563 fans. The horse shared in a purse of $2 million.

How time changes things!

I watched the Derby yesterday at Don’s Place. The best venue for the best of races!

Don’s was packed.

The women all wore hats. Many of the hats took time and attention to prepare. Big, flowery, ruffled and the like! All magnificent to the eye!

And many of the ladies were also attired in dresses. As contrasted with the men who did not wear dresses! Sorry! It just came out that way! What I meant was that the men dressed as usual. Shorts and tee shirts.

It was a fun party! Don knows how to do it! Every one got a free drink. Every one was in a happy playful mood. The food was terrific! Dijon’s fried chicken, 2 huge 6 foot tunnel sandwiches, salads, pastas and fruit. All free!

I had a good time! Enjoyed it all!

I left about 7. I had had it. The previous evening was still with me. So it was home to bed and a good night’s sleep.

Did you ever wonder why Kentucky is where horses are generally bred and raised? It has to do with the grass. The grass is referred to as bluegrass. It contains higher amounts of calcium. The calcium it is claimed makes for superior racing horses.

TV just announced that Jack Kemp died. 73. Sad.

Kemp was a professional football player. A quarterback. Soon after retirement from football, he successfully ran for Congress from the Buffalo area. A cabinet member at one time. He unsuccessfully ran for Vice President against the Clinton-Gore team the second time Clinton ran.

He became a financial expert during his political years. He devised/supported a new tax plan that influenced President Reagan whom he served.

It was my privilege to have met him on 2 separate occasions. He was a good man and another American success story! From the fields of footabll to the highest offices of government!

It is Sunday! The best day of the week! The Sunday papers to read, Meet the Press to watch, a drink and some good company at the Gardens early tonight and then dinner with Lisa and the grandkids. Ribs tonight! She is slow cooking them all day.

You enjoy your Sunday, also!

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