Congratulations to Captain Larry Smith and his team! They beat us big time at bocci last night!

I stunk! Such is life!

The rest of my team mates were better. But not enough to overcome the precision and competency of Larry’s team.

There is always next season!

I met a nice guy at bocci last night. Glen Gordon of Boulder, Colorado.

Glen is a 44 year old attorney visiting here in Key West with his wife and 2 children. Glen reads my blog every day. Good man! He knew we were playing a money game last night. So he came over to the bocci courts to meet and visit.

And he found me! Not easy since we have never met and there were about 125 people at the bocci courts last night.

Glen is a University of Michigan undergrad and University of Colorado Law School graduate. He is doing well in the practice. Otherwise he would not be looking to buy a home here in Key West. Yes, he is actively searching. Good for him! And good for Key West!

He is a fly fisherman. All the more reason to purchase a home here. The fly fishing is terrific!

Good luck Glen in your quest for a second home. Keep in touch. I enjoyed our meeting. I look forward to calling you neighbor.

I spent some time during the day yesterday continuing to read the Truman book.

Truman was a feisty President. No wonder! His ancestors settled in the tumultous areas of Missouri and were involved in the rough internal state wars in Missouri and Kansas pre Civil War. Hardy people! Took no guff from any one.

Nor did Truman. It was obviously in the blood line.

Think of his reaction to the news of North Korea invading South Korea, his firing of MacArthur, his campaign leading to his surprise victory in the 1948 Presidential election, his lambasting of a music critic who knocked his daughter and on and on.

And Truman was a part of Key West. Those 175 days he spent here during his Presidency.

And new friend Glen, Truman was a fly fisherman here in the keys. There are several photos of Truman in his undershirt flyfishing our Gulf waters. So Glen, buy an old time undershirt and wear it as you fly fish. Who knows, you may some day end up President! Our first from Colorado! Poor Hart would have made a great President, but foolishness thwarted his attempt. So we are still waiting for our first President from Colorado!

Lisa just called. Ally is sick. So my day is set. I will be babysitting Ally all day. Just what old retired grandfathers are for!

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