I am up early. Dark outside!

Yesterday was a relatively quiet day.

I lunched at Hogfish. No hogfish! I ate catfish. Good!

And read the papers.

Bobby is doing a terrific job at renovating Hogfish. It is still an open air thatched roof operation. And it continues to maintain unquestionably vestiges of old Key West. But, he is improving it!

I visited the family for a while last night before doing my thing. Robert was engrossed in some movie. Ally was spiked! All over the place, doing everything. Pure energy. She is back into beading. The Easter bunny brought her bigger and better beads. Ally makes necklaces and bracelets. She brought a necklace to her teacher yesterday.

I started my evening at the Chart Room. Hooked up with Catain Peter, Marty and Sean. We discussed many things. Including the school disaster here in Key West. I am sure there will be at lest one indictment. Sad.

Louie’s Backyard is a world famous restaurant here in Key West. It sits on the Atlantic. A lovely open air bar deck. Behind which sits a 2 story house with dining inside and out. Out on large porches. All again overlooking the broad expanse of the Atlantic.

The restaurant was hobbling along. Just making it. And then around 1985 Gourmet Magazine wrote it up and pictured Louie’s on its cover. Instantaneous success! The place has been a gold mine ever since. The place to eat in Key West! Especially for tourists.

I do not go! Prior to last night I had not been to Louie’s to dine in about 6 years. The reason is simple. Although the food is absolutely outstanding, it had become a tourist place. Move the customers in and out. I timed it the last 2 times I ate there. From the time I sat down to the time I paid the bill was less than 1 hour. Not good! Especially when you are paying top dollar! Fine dining is not to be rushed!

Last night I returned to Louie’s Backyard!

Louie’s has recently opened a tapas restaurnat upstairs. Marty suggested we try it. So we did.

The view is absolutely spectacular from the second floor! Better than from the first! We sat out on the balcony and could see the outside deck and drinkers as well as the ocean before us. A million dollar setting!

And the food! I must tell you. The best! I am not normally a tapas freak. Last night was different. Everything we tried had great taste. And cheap! The whole bill for 3 was $63, without tip. That included also a drink a piece.

The service was good. No one rushed us.

I intend to return!

Still dark. Black.

Golf this morning. I am anxious to play. It is called self abuse!

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