I screwed up big time in yesterday’s blog!

I described the President’s new dog as an English sheep dog. Actually, it is a Portuguese water dog. I knew. Why I referred to it erroneously, I don’t know. Has to be the aging process!

And, yes, my dear friend Howard Livingston has a Portuguese water dog. I should know. I have been on the boat and in the water with Howard’s dog many times! She likes me!

I cannot tell you the number of e mails and telephone calls I received regarding the dog description error. Thank you all for keeping me correct. And in this case should I say “politically” correct?

Speaking of English sheep dogs, we once had one. Many many years ago. He lasted as part of the family all of one year.

We got him as a puppy. So pretty! So lovable!

He technically became my daughter Beth’s dog. She was about 14 at the time.

We named him Plato.

I did not know if he was smart at the time, but he did have a mind of his own!

He was impossible to train. He was a year old and still greeting people at the door by jumping on them. Straight up! His front paws over your shoulders!

By age one, Plato was huge. I am 6 foot 1 inch. When standing on his hind legs, Plato towered over me! He would almost knock you over with his greeting. And sometimes did!

English sheep dogs defecate consistent with their size. Big time! You did not just scoop it up. You shoveled it up! And it always left a burn like mark on the grass!

After living with us for a year, Plato developed a personality conflict with me. Why I do not know!

Every morning Beth would walk Plato so he could do his business. Then the kids were off to school. My wife left soon after to go to the office. I was the last to leave.

For about two weeks, every day when I opened my bedroom door in the morning to leave for work, there was Plato sitting outside the door. And next to him was a huge dump on our lovely white carpet!

This went on for two weeks. We could not break Plato of this habit. Obviously it had to do with me. It was probably his way of saying, “Fuck you!”

So I determined Plato had to go.

Frankfort is about 15 miles east of Utica. A small farm town. I found a farm family that wanted Plato. I gave Plato to the family. And broke my daughter’s heart in the process.

Early one morning about 6 months later, my daughter Beth came running into my bedroom to announce that Plato had returned. She said he was sitting outside the side door by the driveway.

“Don’t open the door,” I shouted. “Don’t even let him see you.”

I went down and looked out of the side of the window. Sure enough, there was Plato! Sitting and waiting to be let in!

Good luck!

Plato had made the 15 mile journey back to his original home all alone. Amazing!

I telephoned the farmer. They were concerned. He had disappeared a few days earlier. Fortunately, they still wanted and apparently loved him. I said come and get him! They did. And that was the end of Plato in out lives.

Turns out he was a very smart dog!

I left the house early yesterday morning and walked all over town for about an hour. Felt a need to push myself a bit.

The college had advertised a speaker on the evils of smoking, cigarette compnay investigators, cigarette company lawyers, the government in controlling smoking and so forth. Sounded interesting, so I went.

It was interesting!

The speaker spent much time describing how nicotine influences the brain. He also had 2 for real brains to demonstrate with. One of a chimpanzee and the other human.The human one was cut in half. A ltttle creepy! But compelling to view!

When the one hour lecture concluded, it was about 2:30. I had not had lunch yet. I decided to try McDonalds. I have not been to a McDonalds in 15 years. Not my cup of tea!

There is only one in Key West. Right on the ocean. What a view!

I had a double cheeseburger and a medium diet coke. $2.99. Cheap!

The place was relatively clean.

What really impressed me was the number of customers. At 2:30 in the afternoon there were at least 20 people inside and cars outside lined up back to the highway waiting for service. Has to be a winner dollar wise!

That was my exciting day yesterday. I stayed in the rest of the day and evening. For some reason, I had no desire to go out. So I became a couch potato. A good thing to do on occasion!

Enjoy your day!

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