Golf yesterday was a disaster! The worst I have played in ages!

I played with Kurt, Larry and Tom. Larry was a saving factor for me. Larry, of Larry Smith fame, normally shoots in the 80s. Yesterday he had an off day. Shot around 110. Good for me! His playing kept me in the game!

Notice that I am not sharing my score with you. Enough to say it was double digits over and above Larry’s score!

Last night was Bobby Nesbitt time at Aqua during cocktail hour. Always good!

However, it is obvious the season is over. It ends Easter Sunday. The northerners, snowbirds as we call them, flock out of Key West as if a hurricane was imminent. That is the way it is. That is the way it always has been.

There were not many patrons to enjoy Bobby’s singing. Nor were there that many persons at La Trattoria where I later had dinner. The restaurant was half or less full.

I did have a good time at La Trattoria, however. An Irish couple sat next to me at the bar. Very interesting people!

The husband was 67. The wife in her mid to late 40s. They have been married for 25 years.

They live in Fort Myers. Their business is there. They operate a school for affluent kids with problems.

He is now a US citizen. She is here on the green card.

Turns out she is a retired golf professional. Played on the European circuit.

Just what I needed. We were into a golf conversation, the course here in Key West and so on. She kept pressing to know my handicap. I normally do not mind telling people nor do I mind telling them I suck at the game. For some reason, I could not last night. I kept avoiding the question. She finally decided that when I said my game was bad that I probably shot around 78. I wish I did!

We had a good time. They visit Key west 3-4 times a year. I look forward to running into them again.

They were staying at the Pier House. Knew of Larry Smith. Often had heard him at the Wine Galley.

I broke my drinking rule last night. I have been limiting myself to no more than 2 drinks an evening. Last night I had 4! Good!

So after La Trattoria I walked over to La Te Da for a drink.

Mary Jo was at the outside bar. I joined her.

Mary Jo continues to amaze me. She is off chemo for a month. They are doing tests to determine if the tumor has shrunk further. I wish her well. She is an amazing woman!

She was talking with Peter. I had never met Peter before . He has lived in Key West for close to 30 years. Owns the building the Gingerbread Gallery is in. He lives upstairs. Has to be a terrific accomodation!

I was home early. By 9:30. An example of my decadent Key West life style!

Tonight bocci! I have no comment to make. I have become fatalistic. What will be, will be!

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