I lost the Easter egg hunt to the grandkids! My egg hunting prowess appears to be comparable to my golf and bocci talents! Such is life!

It was a nice Easter! Very nice!

Lisa and Corey had also small gifts hidden around for Robert and Ally. From the Easter Bunny, of course! Things like a chess set for Robert and beads for Ally. Robert has already learned how to play chess at Montessori. I am impressed! He is trying to teach me.

Lisa prepared a huge Easter brunch. Good!

We then sat around the rest of the morning reading the Sunday papers, chatting and playing chess. A family Easter setting!

I spent the afternoon home alone watching the final round of the Masters. What else!

Terrific golf!

Mickelson looked like he might do it for a while. Minus 6 on the front side! Tiger made a feeble run at it.

It looked like Perry with 2 holes to go. But he faltered. And Cadrera slipped in.

I saw 2 Louis golf shots yesterday near the end of the Masters. The first was Cadrera’s shot out of the woods on the first play off hole. He hit a tree. But the monkey threw the ball out into the middle of the fairway! The monkey is a golfer’s friend! Where would we all be without the monkey!

To the non golfer, when a golfer hits a ball into the woods and it hits a tree or branch in such fashion that it is propelled back out onto the fairway, it is the said to to be the monkey who threw it out! The ball is not lost and there is no penalty. A bit of golf folklore!

Then Perry’s shank shot to the right on one of the playoff holes. No reason for it. It happens.

It made us rank amateurs feel good to know even the pros can occasionally play as we do!

The President’s family finally has a dog! An English sheep dog!

Howard Livingston of Mile Marker 24 fame has an English sheep dog. They get big! Many the time I have been out on Howard’s boat and his dog would nestle up to me with that huge body and damp curly hair.

Just the pet for the White House! Watch out for the china!


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