A very nice day yesterday!

It started with golf. I played well. That means better than normal. Still did not score, however.

Tom was the big winner. $34! That is a big day! He had a terrific back nine. I lost $11.

Passover last night! I was invited to the Seder dinner at Donna’s daughter’s home. I am very grateful for the invitation. I had a wonderful time!

Donna’s 3 sons were in for the holiday also. Plus other family members and friends.

The Seder was outside. There were a ton of us!

The men wore kepahs. Hebrew for the little round cap Jewish men wear.

Donna had a box of them which she brought to the Seder every year. However the box got lost in the moving she did this year. The loss was discovered only yesterday afternoon.

No problem. Her 3 young granddaughters made new ones! With the men’s names written boldly on top. Even one for me!

We started the Haggadah with the ceremonial readings. Haggadah is Hebrew for a gathering. Donna’s 2 oldest sons led the ceremonial reading. We all participated. I did a small reading.

I learned many interesting and new things last night.

One involved unleavened bread. Jewish people eat unleavened bread during these ceremonial times and on other occasions. The reason therefore is historical.

When Moses got the Pharoh to let his people go, they left Egypt forthwith. No waiting around. They were afraid he would change his mind.

The Jews did not have time to pack everything or even provide for all provisions necessary for their trip. They took flour and water. Forgot the yeast. So the bread they made came out flat.

We sipped wine 4 times during the pre dinner ceremony. Each time we sipped the wine, we were required to recline left. Why left? The left leaning was to represent a relaxing pleasant time. The trip out of Egypt was a hard one. No time for simple pleasures. To sip wine now in a relaxed position was to make up for the hardships of the trip out of Egypt.

The food was outstanding! Donna did most of the cooking. Said it took her 3 days. Turkey and brisket. Vegetables. Tasty! Delicious!

Thank you again Donna for making me a part of your family holiday!

Today is Thursday. Normally bocci. Not tonight, however. Because of the Jewish and Christian holidays, there is no bocci this week.

The weather is fantastic! Those visiting this week, and many are because of the holiday, are in for a treat!


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