Key West is Paradise! It has many positive features! Few negatives!

One of its drawbacks is the degree of medical care. Note I said degree and not quality. What is here is good. However, not enough.

About 5 years ago I went into the local hospital with a ruptured appendix on a Sunday night. Six hours later I came out of surgery having lost not only my appendix, but also 25 per cent of my colon. The doctor thought I had cancer and removed a significant portion of my colon. The only problem, and a fortuante one, was that I did not have cancer.

The doctor made the decision I had cancer based on a sight observation. Since it was a Sunday night, the lab was closed and so no test of my colon tissue could be made to verify what turned out to be his erroneous determination.

Yesterday morning I was at the dentist’s office bright and early to deal with the tooth ache of all tooth aches!

I woke yesterday morning with no pain. Surprising!

My dentist, who is a good one by the way, examined me and took x rays. He thinks I might have an abcess. Two teeth away from the new cap. The problem has nothing to do with the new cap. He tells me I need a root canal. No sweat. I have had them before.

Regular dentists do not do root canals. A specialist is required. He is called an endodontist.

My dentist gives me the root canal guy’s telephone number, a prescription for penicillan and a prescription for a pain killer.

I telephone the endodontist. I cannot get an appointment until April 21st. Two weeks away! I tell the voice on the other end of the phone that my problem is today! If the pain returns, and I assume it will, what do I do? The pain is a killer!

She is matter of fact. No sympathy. Tells me her doctor only works in Key West 1 day a week. His practice is in Miami. And further he is on vacation presently up north skiing and will not return for 2 weeks.

OK. I can deal with that. Everyone deserves a vacation!

I telephone my dentist back and explain the problem to his assistant. She says she will get back to me. She does. My dentist suggests a doctor somebody in Key Largo. That is 120 miles away! A 3 hour drive each way on US 1. And no guaranty the root canal would be done that day. My appoint was for an “evaluation.”

That is my point regarding “degree!” We do not have enough of what we need medically and dentally here in Key West!

My dentist believed the abcess had broken on its own during the night and that is why I was pain free when I saw him. But it could return! The penicillan would help kill the infection and so the pain. And if that did not work, I have a full bottle of pain killers!

I have decided to wait the 2 weeks till the ski trip is over.

Crazy weather. It has been warm. Low to high 80s. Then yesterday and today cold! Right now it is 66. The high today will only be 71. That is cold here in Key West, especially when your blood has thinned.

However tomorrow it turns again. Mid 80s the rest of the week. And the lows in the high 70s! Key West weather!

Passover is upon us. My good friend Donna does Seder every year. She makes it a requirement that her family all attend. A tough and respected mother, my Donna. They all come! Children and grandchildren. From every part of the US!

Donna has invited me to join her and her familly for Seder tonight. I am honored!

Golf this morning. I will be wearing a sweat shirt.

I venture no opinion on the quality of my game. Just once, however, I would enjoy a good round. Please, Lord!

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